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Posted by MHK on February 07, 2001 at 12:00:37:

In Reply to: Solo Diving posted by Kevin on February 07, 2001 at 11:31:38:


She wasn't solo she was *buddyless*... Or had her weightbelt not been bent she would be alive..

She was anything but solo...

I can hear the arguements now.... The silence from the solo diving crowd is always so deafening when they get hit with facts, they lay low for a few weeks until the furor dies down and then they are right back on here telling us that using DAN's stats that it is safer to solo than buddy dive..

It cracks me up that these guyse spend such an extraordinary amount of time trying to find fault in the DIR system, but yet pay lip service to a dangerous diving practice that is killing even the most experienced of divers...

If you look back and see some of the positions that people on here have taken simply to argue against DIR but yet continue to maintain that it's ok to solo it's the height of absurdity..

I still can't get Ken Kurtis to answer the question as to why he thinks it's OK to solo so much so that he felt the need to put out a * How To Solo * list, but yet he walks around telling diver's that you WILL die if you breathe Nitrox..

It is that ridiculously stupid mentality that drives me nuts.. I'm happy to debate the merits of either side of the solo/Nitrox position, and god knows we've done that ad nauseam, but this baffling hypocrsy of the two positions is the single most bizarre act of stupidity that I have seen on this NG...

Ken writes an article about common sense, but yet offers up this inexplicable juxtaposition and then steadfastly refuses to explain it..

He offers up the catch all * legal liability* issue even though NAUI [ his agency], PADI, GUE, IANTD, TDI, ANDI, SSI, YMCA, BSAC, Lesser & Assco have never heard of this *legal liability* issue and thinks that will fly on this list. Moreover, this comming from a guy that only until recently didn't have his diver's signing waivers and then when he was told by Lesser & assoc. that he is leaving himself open, rather than listen to that sound legal advise and use the industry waiver { that has been tested time and time and time again) he takes it on his own to draft up his own Statement of Understanding.. I guess I missed when Ken went to law school..

But if he wants credibility on the issues he needs to explain the inconsistency if not he needs to be held to the same standards that we get hammered on day in and day out if we don't spend our entire waking moments answering every question that is thrown our way...


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