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Posted by tleemay on February 13, 2001 at 12:38:57:

In Reply to: now, now girls, posted by mike (not a sock puppet) on February 13, 2001 at 11:21:44:

"Of course, on the other side of the coin, don't
everybody take themselves too seriously now, life
is too short for that! Next thing ya know, y'all
be scrawlling "Hezbollah" on your tanks and taking
the pissing contests out of the internet and into
the water."

Too late - it's already been dragged to that depth
(pun intended). The Florida group that mandates DIR
practices in their activities already slapped the
dive glove across the face of those who compromised
their future projects with unsafe practices years ago.
The compromisers were eliminated from the equation
and the projects since have been flawless and without
the rash of accidents and deaths that plagued the
team prior and left a black eye on the sport. They saw
a bad sign on the horizon of their sport and took
action on their own behalf.

The DIR crowd is mis-labeled as being a bunch of zelots
following a practice that is not yet widely accepted
by the traditional diving circles. Even when the
practices are acknowleged as being safer and more
cost effective in the long run - from even it's
anti-DIR proponents - those who discuss and promote
the practice are still called cultists, dive natzi's
(no invocation of Goodwin's Law please Ken), and
bullies. As you point out, nothing could be farther
from the truth when you finally meet us and actually
discuss point by point - we are more than cordial and
free with our time and knowlege. If you want to
argue the system, come meet us face to face and
all of your questions will be answered void of the
silly literal gymnastics performed by most when
'actually wanting to discuss and not argue'.

How does this relate to California diving? People
have been dying. Most have died without the chance
of even having someone helping them. It's sad that
Mia's death has apparrently waked some people up
and are now publically seeking more information -
I am personally saddened it had to happen that

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