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Posted by MHK on February 14, 2001 at 11:42:25:

In Reply to: Nitrox and Death posted by Wayne on February 14, 2001 at 11:21:16:


I appreciate your calm and soothing demeanor but doesn't it strike you as strange that we are debating what Ken claims he said in relationship to equating a very acceptable medium of diving to death??????

He is an author for Skin Diver, CDN, Chamber Day Chairman, dive shop owner, instructor... This is irresponsible and reckless and to provide these kind of answers ( even if we accept Ken's context, which I don't since I have heard him say this over and over )...

The notion that a leader on our community is asking us to debate semantics as he responds to newbies about death and a form of acceptable diving is bizarre to say the least...

I resognize that Clinton lowered the bar with that infamous, that depends on the definition of *is*, but that doesn't mean we need to accept that..

I used to be one of Ken's DM's and was on his boat and upstairs at 22nd St. Landing with Ken week in and week out for the better part of 4 years and he and I argued this point countless times, so for him to get on here and say * I didn't say it, but if I did it was in this context*, and then asks me to do a search on the bbs and offer's that up as proof that he didn't say it, it's nonsense..

He knows full well that he said it time and time again and now that he has been called on the carpet is offering up this kind of verbal games..

Ken's the master at misdirection and all I'm simply doing is staying focused on the two simple facts and I'm not willing to allow Ken to misdirect the issue..

Ken has changed his position so many times with respect to Nitrox, and for his shop , I don't care how or if he allows Nitrox, but when he makes blanket statements that attack a meduim of diving than he needs to defend them.

Ken's position(s) are moving targets and this most recent ascertion that there is a *legal liability* concern needs to be defended. Because, as I say it isn't so much what he does in his shop, but I don't want any one left with the impression that there is ANY legal issue respecting the supervising of a dive if you aren't Nitrox certified...

NOT ONE AGENY signs off to this logic, NOT ONE LAWYER, has opioned on this matter and to leave any one with any other impression than that does a dis service to the Nitrox movement and as Ken has said it is his stated intention to engage in a mis information campaign to help counter the Nitrox movement.

I'm simply not going to allow him to spread falsehood's and distortion's..


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