Muesli, coffe, an OJ and the CAL BBS. Oh, and a new dive computer

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Posted by Eins on February 15, 2001 at 18:42:28:

I'm with Fire Walker. First thing in the morning, with said breakfast, I'm checking out the latest episodes. Back from work, and my line is busy for a while. Lately, I'm very well entertained, so I don't see the need to throw in my unwanted 2c.

Anyway, thank-yous to seahunt and his computer revival thread. Made me aware that my 8 year old computer needed a contemporary replacement before the battery runs out. And thanks to MHK, I insisted that the new one has a gauge mode, so it will even do for future mixed gas dives. Oh, and of course, his shameless plugs for Wienke's RGBM fell on furtile ground--my new dive computer's algorithm is based on that model.

And, of course, it is a wrist mount. Yeah, wrist mount, not a steenkin' drag creating console. Unfortunately (and I found that out too late), it only shows Imperial units, not switchable to metric. But I'm working on that.

Hehehe, I'm sure even MHK knows by now which one it is :-D
I bet he's got several in his drawer (just kidding--about betting, I mean).

Anyway, I love my new Suunto Vyper and it was about time for a new toy.

What's up?


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