Re: "on the fly" vs. computer questions.

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Posted by MHK on February 21, 2001 at 13:53:17:

In Reply to: Re: "on the fly" vs. computer questions. posted by AADIVER on February 21, 2001 at 13:37:37:


I think one of the primary reason you'll hear us advocating *computing on the fly* is that it encourages diver's to learn about the various decompression theories.. BTW, ALL deompression models are reffered to as THEORIES, because thay are just that, theories. While significant scientific studies were utilized in providing the various NDL limits, there are simply to many variables to conclude anything with absolute certainty.. Weight, hydration, physical fitness, PFO's and the like all contribute to varying degrees of NDL's.

As such, by eliminating the reliance upon a computerdiver's will learn the actual process of deompression theory. I've stated that in the example of Mia's death ( while I admitedly don't have the requisite detail, and I am offering this as my opinion), she was faced with 2 options:

1) surface while in deco ( and I note she was in deco according to her computer, but that doesn't necesarily mean she had a deco obligation);

2) while OOA, go to surface, grab extra tank and surface with no air in the primary tanks...

Confusion and panic lead her to surface, grab a tank and descend.. It's very possible that she didn't really have a deco obligation, but in her rush to do a safety stop it only occured to her to get air, wholly forgetting that she needed to get a inflation source..

Moreover, relaince upon a computer ( most) does not allow you to incorporate deep stops into your profile, and in fact, penalize a diver that does.. You also loose the flexibility to adjust the conservativism on most computers. For example, the right mix would allow 100 minutes at 60' rather than 60 minutes at 60'. Some diver's ( yourself included as I understand it) might prefer to do one or the other or some hybrid of the 2 ( ie; using 40% in your pony). And lastly many computer actually generate longer than necessary decompression obligation and/or don't allow for Helium. The few that I know of that allow Helium use are approx. $1,100..

In JJ's book coming out soon, he lists a Baker's Dozen reasons why using a computer is less than optimal..


PS. Frank,

You said you didn't like spending money on gear so I'm just trying to save you a few hundred dollars ;-)

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