Arrgh! what a way to ruin a liveaboard trip!

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Posted by mike on February 24, 2001 at 15:34:15:

In Reply to: A man with a watch knows the time. A man with 2 is never sure. posted by Wayne on February 24, 2001 at 09:26:03:

i get quite irritated when i'm with a buddy and they push the NDL limits on their computers..that's why i tend to hang 10-20 feet above them if i know they tend to do that and when my liberal Oceanic Prodigy starts edging into the yellow, i just know that my buddy is pushing the red on his. I too fear DCS!

now, what would be really neat, is a computer that could be customized to one's own physique. For example, i have virtually zero slow tissues while some of my buddies with spare tires of course, have plenty. It would be nice to have a computer that could be programmed ahead of time to reflect one's own composition, probably not of 12 different compartments, but perhaps just fast & slow (fat vs. muscle, connective, etc.....) assuming there are reliable ways to determine one's composition by fast/slow tissue (like taking that % bosy fat test they offer at health clubs)

if i was on a multi-day, 5-6 dive/day liveaboard and my primary computer conked out, i would likely just have to take a 12 hour break, or switch to the tables and keep it shallow the rest of the day, and get a good, long night's worth of poker, potato chips and fish stories (oops, i mean sleep), before resuming diving the next morning with the backup computer, regardless of whether it was liberal or conservative.

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