Re: You can end this debate real easy, any time you want.

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Posted by MHK on February 27, 2001 at 16:36:19:

In Reply to: You can end this debate real easy, any time you want. posted by seahunt on February 27, 2001 at 14:37:21:

I opened this e-mail only because in your title I thought you were indicating that perhaps you wanted to stop the childishness, but once again I'm saddened to see that you are merely just ranting once again..

Oh well...

BTW, I live in West L.A and it only takes me a little over 2 hours to drive to San Diego to dive the Yukon where is it that you live that causes a 6 hour drive to get to Jim's shop?

For the final time, since it seems as though you are going to puss out, I can't adequately describe it over the internet and I feel as though not every aspect of diving can be taught over the internet, somethings actually take discussion ( not the bullshit stupid exchanges that take place on this NG). You have postioned yourself as someone to be without one ounce of credibility in my eyes, and all you want to do find some syllable that is out of context and then use that as a means to cast aside a very viable means of diving.

You have spent an extraordinary amount of time dreaming up reasons why DIR is inapplicable to California diving, you suggest this even though we do it every weekend.

You have now, it appears, staked your entire claim on the fact that you don't think it is possible to do a dive without a computer.

I am unwilling to put myself in a position of putting out information that doesn't fully disclose the issue and then have you sit back and take pot shots. You have sacraficed any credibility you once had in your pusuit as the *defender*.. You no longer are a interested diver looking for information, you have simply become a loud mouth whose interest is reduced to stirring up shit..

JJ is the guy that perfected the technique, JJ has forgotten more about diving than I will ever know, JJ is much more reasonable and patient than I am, and JJ is much better at explaining this than I am....

JJ is flying out on his own dime to help eductae people about his philosophy.. If you want to learn it, it's available, if you want to sit back, arm wave and cyber dive you've already proven that you know how to do that well..

The issue is simple as far as I'm concerned, we provided the opportunity for you to learn it first hand but if you continue to resort to * if you can't explain it over the interent* than it doesn't apply, than I'll continue to keep you in my killfile because everything else is simply a waste of my time and a further distraction from this NG..


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