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Posted by seahunt on February 27, 2001 at 17:38:53:

In Reply to: Re: You can end this debate real easy, any time you want. posted by MHK on February 27, 2001 at 16:36:19:

>I'm saddened to see that you are merely just ranting once again..
Ranting... Sounds like screaming, name calling and carrying on... or asking a straight question
of you.
No, just asking a reasonable question. It is in your court. I see that neither you or Terry would
answer my polite questions before about Terry's excellent post.

>You have now, it appears, staked your entire claim on the fact that you don't think it is possible
>to do a dive without a computer.
I know you read things the way you want, but isn't that stretching it a little bit even for
you? Be clear, I was responding to your claims that your manual deco method will give you a
profile with more bottom time than a computer. (I'll settle for even equel bottom time).
Remember, I dove aggressively for 16 tears before I ever wore a computer. Knowing what I do
I sure would never want to go back. Do you have something to tell me that I don't

Oh, it will be near a 6 hour round trip. On a Saturday morning, when I return from San Pedro after
night fun, it takes near 2 1/2 hours in the light traffic. Its farther to Beverly Hills and there will
be more traffic. In any case, it will be a long trip on time I don't have, but if rain is not a
problem, I do intend to be there. It would be silly to drive there in much rain. Since I skipped a
wake last weekend that I really wanted to go to, I don't intend to drive for that either if conditions
do not warrent it.

>someone to be without one ounce of credibility in my eyes
Remember, you're the one that is talking the big hard to believe claims. Not me. And please never talk
to me about parsing words or verbal gymnastics. I have never done that... any. What have I said that
isn't credible? Every position of mine is in black and white on my web site. Have you found any problems
there? I at least say what I mean and will write something to back up all my opinions.

>You no longer are a interested diver looking for information, you have simply
>become a loud mouth whose interest is reduced to stirring up shit..
Well, that's far better than a loud mouth that likes to harrass people cuz they don't
like what they say or even associate with.

As I said before. If after this talk by JJ, whether I can attend or not, if you or
someone else cannot describe that technique, don't claim that it can be widely used
to safely replace computers. Go ahead, prove me wrong by proving that you are right.
How novel. You haven't tried that yet.
Enjoy, seahunt

Since I do enjoy these exchanges, please tone down your langage just a little bit.
Due to recent events, the board must follow the 12 year old rule. I hope you understand
that. It has nothing to do with my or your opinion. You may not even know all of what
was posted, but it wasn't pretty.

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