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Posted by tleemay on March 01, 2001 at 17:03:48:

In Reply to: Re: DIR Demo clarification posted by unknowenmr.k on March 01, 2001 at 15:46:32:

I knew that since flaming was not what I gave up
for lent I would eventually tasked with such a
responsibility. OK, here goes;

Dear twisted Sock Puppet,

Repeat the following;

MHK does not sell dive equipment.

Terry does not sell dive equipment.

John does not sell dive equipment.

Say it more than a few times over and over again.
Perhaps you will finally realize how stupid you
sounded in the above thread.

Just to give you some balance;

Ken sells dive gear.

Jim sells dive gear.

John C. sells dive gear.

Max used to sell dive gear... but doesn't anymore.

Not myself nor MHK nor Walker have any control
over what you will or will not pay for dive
gear. Neither of us have accepted any cash from
anyone ever to sell them gear. I have always paid for
my dive gear and receive absolutely no concession
from Halcyon or Apeks or Scuba Pro or any other
piece of manufacturers gear I choose to use. That
gives creedence to my own field tests of gear and
my evaluations - not being given gear after the fact
or receiving a kick back for whatever I convince
someone to tryout and eventually buy. I am not,
nor is MHK or Walker in the business of selling gear.

I will simplify the statement even
further so that even your in-animate sock
puppet-ness can understand... read s-l-o-w-l-y
now... make sure you digest EVERY vowel and


See that little dot at the end of the last statement?
It's not a vowel or consonant, but a period. A
period means 'an utterance from one full stop to
another', 'end of a gramatical sentence', 'no further
comment', 'end of message', 'the end'. Even your
sock puppet can understand that I hope, if not,
send it back to the Kindergarten for further
remedial training.

If you really are that passionate over
the issue, you and your sock puppet master should
come by this Saturday and give someone who does
sell gear, and direct to shops I might add, what
litle piece of you mind you still have over being
charged what you consider too much. No one is
forcing you to buy one brand of gear. As has been
pointed out many times in the past, there are other
manufactureres making gear that is considered to be
DIR appropriate out there. But if you want the best
you will settle ony for the best, even if it costs
20% more.

After some brief investigation, I do not believe
you are the original kramer that reared it's other
ugly sock puppet head last week that some are now
kill-filing. I do not believe you are Mr. Corso
either. Since you within an hour picked up on a
thread that was started (before kelphead crossed
the refs here) on the BBS, I believe
you are a signed up and confirmed registered user
of that group... something that Chris feels is not
needed on this BBS.

As far as I care, you sound just like that silly
little bucket mouth who dared us to actually show
up last June in Monterey to give a Demo. His idle
threats were sluft off too. It will take much more
that ranting with inconsistent punctuation to even
consider you a minor threat. People have tried in
the past and are pretty much scarecrows that blow
away in the wind come Demo day.

But by all means, drop on by this Saturday and tell
us what you really think. We will welcome your input
with open minds. Just look for the 8' blue and
white "DIR DEMO HERE" banner in front of the store.
Or since you have proven you really can't comprehend
what you read, just follow your nose to the BBQ
flaming up the burgers and dogs... even the lowest
mammals have a great olfactory skills. Just take a
look at Hog Boy ;-).
You can't miss it.

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