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Posted by MHK on March 05, 2001 at 16:23:09:

In Reply to: Jablonski's presentation. posted by Gerry Smith on March 05, 2001 at 15:38:15:


I've tried to clear up this confusion. JJ did NOT bless consoles and short hoses.

What he said was if you decide that you don't want to configure DIR, than a smaller console is better than a larger one. He also said that 5' hose is recomended, as opposed to a 7' hose, in the open ocean. We have said that often and he went into the variety of reasonse why in an OOA a long[er] hose is desirable.

As to the cube and square dynamics, it's sort of damned if you do and damned if you don't. We get asked all the time why is streamlinning so important, why does this dangly or that dangly really matter so we provided the calculations to prove the point. Some what that level of detail other's could care less about it, but you would concede that thses issues have all been studied to the umptenth degree, wouldn't you???

As for the slipstream and streamlinning we hear all the time how do we increase BT's and the answer is a combiniation of the things that we continually talk about.

The video in my mind is very impressive, but it also puts into proper perspective the level of achievement that these guys do on a regular basis and the only way they have gotten to that level is by trial and error. In any other sport other's would look to how to emulate but sadly in our sport that doesn't happen.

These guys didn't get to this level by ignoring issues, compromising safety or settling for mediocrity so it seems to make sense to me that we would benefit by seeing what they do.

I still have never understood or received a real good understanding of what would anyone really add to a 60' recreational dive that is necessary that we wouldn't use at 400'??? And let's stipulate that we are talking about a dive at Farnsworth Bank or an oil rig, where the 60' dive and the 400' dive could be done at the same time. What would you need that we wouldn't ( added gas considerations aside)..


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