Re: seahunt's DIRt on the DIR Demo.

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Posted by seahunt on March 06, 2001 at 20:52:09:

In Reply to: Re: seahunt's DIRt on the DIR Demo. posted by MuckDiver on March 06, 2001 at 06:41:31:

Hey Diver,
I'm glad you liked the post. it was honest and I didn't
criticize their methods, just their communication ability.
Yah, I sorta wish MHK would take what I wrote for what it is.
There are at least 4 major questions I honestly asked and got
no reply to. It may be that my style confused him some, but it
was perhaps written just to lyrically (and sarcastically) to
convey how little information I had to work with. I think I
did pretty good for just guessing. It wasn't meant to be
critical of the method at all... just what it took to get what
the method was.
Really, I had thought that their system was pure guesstimation or
they should have been able and willing to describe it. Now that
I see what their system is, it looks like a reasonable estimation
method with heavy calculations for verification.
He really could have avoided all this. The answers were
novel (or I would have figured them out myself), but not that
trick or hard to explain.
You are right about if you used doppler tests on individuals.
People are different. Actually though, if you read MHK's post, it
suggests that they don't use doppler tests as a model. I am pretty
sure from what Jerrod said, that they do, at least unofficially.
I hope so. It would validate their models better than anything else
could. Actually, that does raise another question. I would never
question the accuracy of doppler tests as a model, but if they
aren't using that, then it sounds like they would have to rely on
a regular dive computer or else a downloadable recording depth guage
and surface notebook computer to validate their estimations. That
sounds involved, but reasonable. I dunno, they may know another way
though that hasn't been mentioned or guessed. This does raise the
question of what verifys their time/depth estimatates. I would
seriously like to know the answer to that.
I don't think that my computer will provide an average depth for a
dive. I don't know if that is a feature of a computer. It sure would be an interesting feature though.
In any case, it sounds interesting enough to play with. Can I maually
come with a profile that is similar to my computer's record? It's
certainly worth trying. I'd have to find out what model my computer
uses and get a copy of those tables. We used to all just sorta
mentally calculate where we were in the tables, but we were following
completely different rules than these. Heck, we were all explicitly
told never to do deco calculations this way.
I'm going to try to get the time to write something short, DIR neutral,
gender neutral and if I have to, polite, to get a few direct answers
back from MHK or Terry May. I would have thought that they would want
to clarify what I said so that they could shout out that they had
convinced seahunt that their deco method seemed reasonable. They could
easily clarify things for so many people that are curious.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt
PS. Ever read The Mucker by Edger Rice Burroughs? Big city Tarzan!!

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