Please tell me you're kidding, RK

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Posted by CalDiver on March 08, 2001 at 13:07:13:

In Reply to: exceptions to "never hold your breath" posted by RaiderKarl on March 08, 2001 at 11:15:44:

Because I'm pretty sure Rick was just giving a light-hearted poke there. Come on, now, have a little fun. ( =

On a serious note, though, don't you find skip-breathing just builds up CO2, not really saving any gas in the long run? I do. And before you respond by claiming superior adaptation skills, CO2 acclimatization is pretty rare. See Dempsey J, and A Pack, Editors, (1995), Regulation of Breathing. Second Edition. (Marcel Deckker, Inc. NY, Basel, Hong Kong) : "... significant, sustained CO2 retention is extremely rare in health, even under the most extreme conditions of exercise intensity and flow limitation." One of the editors states that in a career of exercise-related research, he has encountered only one or two individuals who would be classified as "CO2 retainers"; I think it's pretty unlikely that that's you, or for that matter, whoever else is going to read that post. More likely, skip breathing will lead to CO2 headaches, at a minimum, or much more serious effects. Mostly, I see divers get excited about this technique as they get a little more knowledgeable than the beginning level, then get less excited about it as they get a LOT more knowledgeabe than the beginning level.

And of course, I'd caution anyone reading that "Exceptions" post, that my personal experience indicates you can get tossed around pretty well in the water column while hunting, especially bug hunting on the breakwalls, and it's really NOT a good idea to hold your breath.

Good discussion point though, RK, keep coming back.

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