Re: Yukon and the Kelp Forests tomorrow - advice/suggestions?

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Posted by tleemay on March 09, 2001 at 20:11:26:

In Reply to: Re: Yukon and the Kelp Forests tomorrow - advice/suggestions? posted by JStone on March 09, 2001 at 18:47:26:

Since you asked for advice -

I have a good set of dives on the Yukon and SD
area kelp (about 40+ just since that magic July
15th date), mostly the Yukon, from La Jolla to
the kelp fields at the border. I can easily tell
you right up front - don't bother taking a
speargun onto the wreck. IMO, it's not worth it.
Other than some curious barred sand bass, sculps,
and a posssible past sighted sheeps crab, there
isn't any reason to expect a quality bag of

There has been a report of a single short lobster
making the Yukon's engine roon it's new address,
but it is a short, and I really don't see a lot
of food options around the wreck for the crustaceon
to eat. This leads me to believe the report could
be exagerrated. I have watched MHK of all people
pull more than legal sized bugs from the other
wrecks in the area.

The best way to experience the Yukon is to dive
her on a EAN32 and leisurly cruise her outside from
stem to stern and back again. Check out the dolphin
cutouts in the hull at the stern. Marvel at her
less than military issued guns fore and aft. Swim in
and out of her comm tower where the names of the major
project donors are prominently displayed in all their
mis-spelled glory. Check out the top end head where
someone scratched Ken Kurtis' name into one of the
bowls. Check out how many times the phrase "(insert your
favorite enemies' name here) SUCKS!" has been scratched
into the algae layer on the conn - over and over again.

What I don't recommend is that you venture inside more
than (at the furthest) one compartment depth unless
you have traing at OE. One clearly experienced DM,
who shall remain nameless, came really close to not
coming out before his gas supply ran out. There
have been a half dozen or so who have been bent on
the dive, including the wrecks' first day as a divable
public destination. The lesson here is, just because
a diver feels he/sho is experienced doesn't mean the
wreck won't contribute to an accident. Remember,
almost 1/3 of the planned entry and exit points are
now resting in, or full of, sand.

However, if you do happen to hit the right kelp
bed at the right time, my experience is that they
are full of shootable and sizeable fish and legal
sized bug. I have done well, particularly on bug,
in the kelp forests. Be wary of the Ja Jolla preserve,
but if the boat knows you are hunting and they head
up that way, they will probably stay outside of the line.

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