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Posted by Randy54 on March 15, 2001 at 12:23:27:

In Reply to: Re: Getting a second chance...... posted by MHK on March 15, 2001 at 09:43:10:

I'll look for Exley's book. I do like reading that type of stuff. What is the books title, incase I cann't find it by his name.
As for Mia, nowhere in the reports did her husband or other friends say the breakup was part of the plan. That seems to have been a decision made at the time. This is not good buddy diving. The same applies to when she got back to the surface safe. You mentioned a 5 min rule in an earlier post, when this happened. I've never heard this before. Clear back in 1970 when I first learned to dive, the decompression rules were never go back down, unless there's no way to get to a chamber in time. Plan the dive, and dive the plan. I dove with a partner who came recommended as a good dive buddy. We talked and e-mail for 3 weeks before the dive. Not once did he mention he might want to go solo. But 5 min into the first dive, off he went. I tracked him down. the third time he left, I had to make a decision to stop diving for the day, or go off the boat solo. I'm just glad I' confident enough to have handled suddenly being left. I wonder about the girl who died at the Yukon the week before Mia. Did suddenly finding herself alone, however she got that way, cause her to panic, and thus loose her life? If so, maybe some training as a solo diver might have given her the skills she needed. We will never know, but the possability is there.

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