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Posted by John Walker on April 19, 2001 at 14:04:49:

In Reply to: Deep air question posted by AADIVER on April 19, 2001 at 12:56:27:

Frank, whats wrong? Can't you call me or talk to me face to face since I last pissed you off? Get over it!

The IANTD deep air program was designed to teach divers who are cheap and will not pay for the proper breathing mixture how to incorporate DEEP diving techniques when they are diving drunk (or should I say narced). I thuoght this would be the perfect program for you.

Since then I have re-evauluated this sort of logic and of about three years ago refuse to give out c-cards as I did with you and require everything be done right. Otherwise two things seem to accure. Any diver in the water with you is at a greater risk. Also a false sense of truly knowing what you are doing comes with a c-card.

As you may have heard, I have refused to become a stale diver and educator. Keeping up with the times is a full time job that is nessesary if I am going to choose to train divers. The dive training that was common then, not only my me was common throughout the industry. I choose to evolved.

Today (actually as of a few years ago) I have viewed diving though a different set of eyes. Now student do not recieve c-cards unless they complete a course with the highest of marks. Ironically they are content with that because they learn alot about diving and themselves.

If you would like to discuse this further, let me suggest you give me a call at (714)892-6163. I have a class that I think you would really enjoy if you want to dedicate yourself to it. It is done over a weekend and apply's to all types of diving. And we could have a good time like we use to.

John Walker

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