Re: Wet Suit diving with a Steel Tank

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Posted by Steve on April 21, 2001 at 11:26:11:

In Reply to: Re: Wet Suit diving with a Steel Tank posted by Max Bottomtime on April 20, 2001 at 09:10:35:

"I dive with twin Pressed Steel LP120s and a ss backplate. The B/P is -6lbs and the tanks are neutral at 500 psi. With a 6mm wetsuit and hooded vest, I need five pounds of ditchable weight. BTW, I have tried to ascend from depth without adding air to my wing and am able to do so."

I dived last weekend with a BP -6 w/sta and an AL80 I wore 20 lbs lead which I needed to do my stop(the wing was empty and I could hoover at 15'). I will dive with am HP100 SS BP and drop my lead to 16 lbs. I want to dive twin HP100's SS BP and 8-12 lbs ditchable. Now according to George's criteria I would need to be able to swim up full after ditching weight if the wing failed. Lets see if I can do it on paper. Pretend I'm diving the Moody. My tanks full are -16, -6 BP, -12 lead, -3 regs. That's -37 my wet suit is +30 lbs at the surface and +6 and 150'. I have other options first if my wing fails 1) buddy assist 2) climb up the anchor 3) deploy lift bag if those fail I could dump 12 lbs of air and/or drop 12 lbs lead. Getting rid of those 24 lbs and still having 6 lbs of bouyancy in my suit plus 5-6 lbs in my lungs I have made up the deficient. I also could ditch the belt and rig grab my 30 cuft pony and float up because I would then up slightly positive. I like my options diving in this configuration, I don't think it's that dangerous. I don't know dry suit diving. I'm sure it's good but what happens if your dry suit fails. That can't feel too good and how about your bouyancy at 150' in a shell full of water?


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