Re: Let’s get back to “recreational” diving

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Posted by MHK on May 02, 2001 at 18:03:10:

In Reply to: Let’s get back to “recreational” diving posted by scubabum on May 02, 2001 at 17:53:58:

Fair questions that deserve a response..

1. Do they need advanced decompression theory

Because despite what you suggest, most divers out here do NOT max out at 70'.. But if you are correct those that do may benefit from EANx training anyway.. Longer BT's, shorter SIT's etc..

2. Spend the money for mixed gas diving

Unless they go deeper than 100' no reason..

3. Need to worry about Inflation device failures in the open environment

All the more reason to worry.. In the open ocean an inflation source failure is more of an issue. If you are at the rigs ( or wherever for that matter) and you can't inflate you'll be at the bottom of the rig in no time.. In a cave it isn't as big of an issue..

4. Need a dry suit

Only under certain paramters..

5. Use tables and remember how rather than a computer

arguably speaking the last thing you abandon, but again I see the point and would say if that is all you are worried about than you are 90% there anyway...

6. Be super streamlined

Increase bottom times

7. Keep track of BT and depth constantly rather than enjoy the experience

It isn't that big of a deal.. Instead of looking at a computer you look at a depth gauge..

6 of one half dozen of another.

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