Let’s get back to “recreational” diving

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Posted by scubabum on May 02, 2001 at 17:53:58:

I appreciate the input from EVERYONE that contributes to this BBS, the unbending defense of DIR, the promotion of safety and emphasis on training.
I have a hard time with advocating equipment configurations for DEEP, OE and DECOMPRESSION diving on the weekend recreational diving community. The majority will NEVER get deeper than 70fsw, do a planed decompression dive or do a OE environment. A typical dive day will be do a dive to 60 feet MAX, check out the flora and fauna, flounder around messing with gear and get back to the boat in about hour. Then sit out and take in some sun and do it again. The more adventurous will do 3-4 dives during a day with short bottom times and reasonably shallow depths.

1. Do they need advanced decompression theory
2. Spend the money for mixed gas diving
3. Need to worry about Inflation device failures in the open environment
4. Need a dry suit
5. Use tables and remember how rather than a computer
6. Be super streamlined
7. Keep track of BT and depth constantly rather than enjoy the experience

Let’s get back to what recreational divers NEED to enjoy the experience, remembering that we are here to have fun.

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