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Posted by seahunt on May 02, 2001 at 22:29:17:

In Reply to: Re: this list is bias posted by MHK on May 02, 2001 at 17:52:17:

>just for the sake of an opposing viewpoint????
It's not for an opposing viewpoint, it's because I enjoyed seeing someone toast a jerk like you so well. Want me to re-post the post here? I liked it.

>If blood clot or mutates that causes tissue damage and cell death...
Well, obviously you are very gramatically challenged.
Please don't call me stupid and then talk about mutations. Talk about advertising that you don't know what you are talking about.... Uh do you even know a layman's definition of mutation?

>Bill's point, which we are in the process of disputing, is that since they rejuvinate there shouldn't be LONG TERM damage.
They don't rejuvinate. That means to become young again. That was never said and would really interest the medical community. They are brand new cells. In this case Bill said he doubted your view and described how weak your evidence is especially in the context that were it true, you would be talking about a whole new, unknown genetic mechanism... Of course I secretly am a fan of Lamarkian genetics myself, so who am I to talk.

>Clearly the autopsy study showed differently, but it is confidential so the point isn't whether Bill is right and I'm wrong, the point is we'll need to get a different study to prove a point we know..
>I strongly suspect Bill is right and you are wrong. Your data was suspect and you have no clue as to the mechanism (I'll be nice and not tell you how dumb you are to call it a mutation).
You really are confused. Do you wonder why I doubt what you call science? You show no basic knowledge of biology, yet you come up with biological theories that have been looked for and (regretably) rejected every time they have been proposed.

As for your discussion of DCS, true enough, but where did that come into the conversation from or was that what made you think of the original issue, cuz it's from way out there in left field and it does not relate to the RBC stuff.

Ya know though, I always am amused at people that like to call me dumb. It's been done so many times and after a few years, I'm always proven right. Heck, 25 years ago, my friends all said my genetic work didn't make sense. 10 years ago they started saying that they had begun hearing what I said years before. Now, I have an original, powerful and useful theory (in writing), that fits all the facts and has no known weaknesses, even after a fair amount of examination. Yah, I just love hearing how stupid I am from a bob like you. I've probably forgotten far more than you have ever learned.
Enjoy, seahunt

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