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Posted by seahunt on May 02, 2001 at 23:14:58:

In Reply to: Re: Make it a 100 HP ... posted by MHK on May 02, 2001 at 17:35:54:

You may remember that I started my posts on this subject with an open honest question. It was you that responded and attacked me. Go look. As I already mentioned, it seems a bad habit that you feel you must attack any opinion or even question that you don't like. That has been my objection to you in all cases. You feel justified to visciously and extensively attack people for very little reason.
Note that I posted "Just curious what the dive would be." After a short post with no critism of you from me, you gave me A to Z of why I was stupid and couldn't do that dive.

>league discussing diving the Moody with me
I never did discussed it with you. You sure did bomblast me with it though.

Anyway, actually, I used the example of the Gordo Banks, because the profile sounded much like the Moody. I've been near that deep or deeper in Belize, Hawaii and CA a number of times. I usually don't mention any dive psat 130 feet. I gave that example because it seemed like a nothing dive that presented no deco or narcosis problem as opposed to the disasters you seemed to envision. As usual, you are telling me about my diving without knowing about it. Oh and please tell me more about my gear configuration... or can't you. Tell me more about my overweighting.

1) Diving the Moody on air, using no deco gases, with a buddy that you have never met and using a computer to calculate your dive, without proper redundancy, without proper support, with no OE training and with a terrible gear configuration....
Like I said, it seemed like an easy dive last time I did a similar profile with a computer.

>you have no business discussing deep diving with me as you do teaching me french...
Actually, I could teach you some French, though my poor hearing would make it more diffult. Why don't you just call yourself a technical diver and be done with it. I am a sport diver with no practical interest in the type of diving you like to do. I dive differently. I doubt very much that you can do the type of diving I like as well as I can. Why isn't that alright with you? What is your problem?
Enjoy, seahunt
PS. Why on earth and under the water have you made 50 dives on one wreck? Does it have that much to explore?

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