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Posted by seahunt on May 03, 2001 at 16:36:14:

In Reply to: Re: I would have deleted such a post! posted by MHK on May 03, 2001 at 14:36:13:

>I was originally going to ignore this post but decided against it..
I wonder why people want your posts deleted and never any one else's?

>Between you and MHK, this board has really gotten nasty lately.
Lately!!!! Does anybody remember the 3 buddies post?

>I'm pretty sick of Walker and I always getting blamed for down turns on this list..
Good! Then go to the Tech board. It's not about downturns, it's about
harassment and BS.

>Seahunt outright lies and calls us zealots and idiots and stipud
Well, you are, but I don't think I ever called you a zealot or idiot... or you could
reference the post.

>he says I'm wrong and he can spend 9 minutes instead of 5 even though it's the same damn thing...
Well, that's what I did and now you make me wonder more and more if you
really do know what you are talking about when you talk about computers.
You seemed knowledgable enough that I gave you the benefit of the doubt.
Now I'm not so sure. I made the dive. You know the spot. I have the
pictures and the write up of what I saw. It was no bounce dive.

>I copied the words from the Hyprebaric Medical Journal
About mutation and rejuvination?

>Seahunt on the other hand throws out b*llshit essay after b*llshit essay and NEVER
>does he back up his nonsense...
I never need to back up what I say, because unlike you, I don't tell everyone how
they must dive. As for what I say I did in my essays, please reference any that you
think aren't factual.

>He recklessly recommends a course of action
I did ask about diving the Moody, but never said anything about how a person should
dive it. Could you describe or quote that recomendation. I missed it or maybe you're
just making it up. I make few recomendations about diving technique on this board.

>but if he feels the need to cross post about an issue that he doesn't
>know jack about than it's should be pointed out how stupid he is...
No I can't judge what Bill posted, but he sited all his arguements and
and sources as well as clearly described the weaknesses of your position.
He then used reason to support his arguement. Simply put, the short lifespan
of a RBC makes your position unlikely...
Now, here's your chance Michael.... you can catch me in a mistake... (maybe) because
I have no time to sort out posts. It doesn't change that you like to harass, but you
finally do more than rant... if you can show that one critical line came from Bill,
but I suspect it was yours. The grammer was chopped up badly enough to make the
line a problem anyway... But here goes.
>If blood clot or mutates that causes tissue damage and cell death...
Are you attributing that line to Bill??? If so, maybe ya finally got me on a fact.
If I get no specific response to the contrary, I will assume it was not his line, but
Enjoy, seahunt

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