I wondered if you read it that way?

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Posted by seahunt on May 03, 2001 at 20:52:18:

In Reply to: Is it possible that you are really this stupid??? posted by MHK on May 03, 2001 at 17:24:45:

As I remember, the original post mentioned an AL 80 and the response was that it was unfeasable.
As I said, the dive struck a curious nerve, so I said well then describe it as a dive with a 100 or 120.

>I don't care if you wear a wetsuit
Is not telling a person to wear a wetsuit, it is that I don't care what they do. I certainly never said to wear a wetsuit. If a person says that they wear a green hat, does that mean that they are telling you to wear a green hat?
Admittedly, it was a message to you.

>If you don't know why the hell are you talking about the issue much less telling him what tank size he should use???
I didn't tell him anything. I asked what the dive would be like with a tank that could potentially make the dive

>I get cold less often than I go past 130 feet. Lsat year I dove in 43 degree water with a wetsuit I had already retired and I felt toasty... That's with no booties. Divers are different and so dive different ways.

>BTW, any idea what his RMV was before you rendered your analysis.
Uh... What analysis? Don't read your arrogant pushy habits into my actions.

>why in the hell would you rely on a computer for a dive that you have know idea how deep it is or what his planned bottom time was????
Again, that's for me. Computers have always done a fantastic job for me.

>and for me, for that dive, I'd probably buddy.
Just what it says. I would dive with a buddy. I never said to. It's not my nature to tell people how to do things. It is yours, so you misinterpreted what I said

By the way, talk about modern computers please. Not relics. And what do I care. If I dived like at Gordo Banks, I just don't go into deco range and then do a safety stop until I am out of air... just for luck.

I don't care if you wear a wetsuit - response to you
>and for me, for that dive, I'd probably buddy. -For me, I'd... That's me

Just curious what the dive would be. - Trick question

PS. Oh, I'd probably just use my computer anyway.
I'd, my - That's just me again

>But hey, if you don't think you rendered advise then you are really living in denial....
And lastly
I never was much into wrecks though. Did anybody actually put the depth of the Moody, in feet, yet? - Does that sound like I'm offering an expert opinion???? Well, does it??? I clearly stated that I am not a wreck diver and that I have neve been to the Moody. It would take quite a stretch to figure that I am offering advise. You are way too easily suggestable.

I think you read it the way you wanted to, but as I told an AA friend of mine, you can hear anything I say any way you want, it doesn't mean that it is so.
Enjoy, seahut

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