Good dodge...

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Posted by seahunt on May 04, 2001 at 13:44:41:

In Reply to: Re: Very good... :) posted by MHK on May 04, 2001 at 12:18:48:

Back to the topic.
You justify your attack on me for giving bad advice to a newbie.
I pointed out I didn't give advice and only a twit couldn't figure that out.
Also I did not reply to the newbie. I responded to the person that told him to forget an AL 80 for the dive.
I asked him about the dive, not the newbie... Or did you somehow see me respond to the newbie? Go look.
So you misinterpreted what I said as well as who I said it to.
And you are seriously calling me stupid...

PS. You still think I'm overweighted. You're nuts. As I said, I am underweighted. I've repeatedly explained that and that you got your incorrect idea from my statement that I would like to carry less weight and that is one reason I like a steel tank. Boy, you just cannot adapt to new information or ideas.
>BTW, I know you tried to ignore the fact that I set you up and you fell hook line and sinker, but
>atleast acknowledge that you made an ass out of yourself...
Bill says that you guys are working that out between yourselves off this board. He also said that you were wrong about him making that post at all.
Michael, you're the only one that doesn't believe that his post on RSD didn't show you as a fool.
>So please tell me that now that you know that they weren't my words that you don't think that
>BillP and NASA is stupid, idiotic and clueless...
Of what you posted, Bill said he never posted it. I believe him. I think you are confused.

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