Evils of Air - A post from George Irvine III

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Posted by AADIVER on May 15, 2001 at 08:08:35:

Just received a reply from George Irvine III:

Frank, you can repost any of this . Kane is exaggerating to make a point. Indeed you could say that it is so difficult to adequately decompress from an air dive that you are as good as "bent" on all of them. This is due to the fact that "DCS" is not confined to the standard pain symptoms or more dangerous CNS symptoms only. The sub clinical symptoms that we hear about, like tiredness and a flu like feeling are more likely immune system reactions to damage caused by the nitrogen tension on the deeper dives as well as bubbles, and the problem getting rid of the nitrogen at all. Nitrox is a little better, but the more helium, the easier it is on you. Clearly, as shown by Doppler, the bubble formation and growth after the dive is the worst, and clearly that is aggravated by the fact that there is plenty of nitrogen to draw from when building bubbles post dive as it is in us anyway. Air is probably the worst possible gas for diving.

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George, we don't know each other but due to the escalating flame wars on our local Bulletin Board, I feel I know you. Lately, this war is becoming very intense over the He vs. Nitrogen issue as it relates to DCS and "red cell rigidity" and deep diving. Mike posted today that he "gets bent on every dive". That is an alarming statement, but in your opinion does that mean recent Doppler discoveries and the adverse effect of increased Nitrogen partial pressure is minutely bending ALL of us, regardless of depth? If so, what is the solution: slower ascents, longer safety stops, mandate the use of He in all breathing mixes, or...?
I would appreciate it if you would address these issues on our Board: www.diver.net.com when you have some time. Thank you.

Frank Farmer

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