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Posted by Seasnake on May 17, 2001 at 09:36:16:

In Reply to: Re: Hammurabi Code posted by seahunt on May 16, 2001 at 14:39:16:

Hey Mike, I'm sorry your quiting it was just starting to become entertaining. I think all I have said is that most of our idea's are built off of an idea someone else had before. And because of this we all are plagiarizer(which was where this all started ).
Has there been some original thinking, sure there has. The guy or girl now hit two rocks together and made a spark and then made a fire(that was original). The Mesopotamian's, Egyptian's, the Hittite's, the Shang Dynasty,The Greek's, the Roman's these early civilizations had allot of original thinking. There was allot of original thinking in the 20th century, but most of it was built from idea's of the pasted.
Is there original thinking today? Sure there is, eIns just showed how original people are today, he started to spelled his name with a lower case letter (now that's original)The Greek's gave us The Olympic's, Drama, Philosophy, the Rosetta Stone and eIns gives us a lower case e.
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe there is something new and exciting (wooo a lower case e).

P.S. I dove 2 weeks ago at Catalina, in fact I dive year around here in So Cal. My first BC was a safety vest made by White Stag, my first wet suit was a Trade Wind brand, I dove for a few year with just a J value (no SPG, they didn't have any at that time). Mike I use to dive in this area when there was still marine life.

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