Re: free speech does not equal vulgar and impolite speach

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Posted by seahunt on June 02, 2001 at 22:28:16:

In Reply to: Re: free speech does not equal vulgar and impolite speach posted by John Walker on June 01, 2001 at 18:19:26:

>NAUI asked me to be their West Coast Technical Diving representative. I am NOT applying for any position with them.

>This is the type of stuff I commonly have to straighten you guys out on and when I do you call it an attack.

No. No attack. Just a misunderstanding from what MHK posted. Not important.

>Mike, you call me a mean fanatic.
No. I mostly called MHK a nutcase fanatic. I mostly said that you are mean and will be painted with the same ugly DIR brush as your loud friend, but really, (I think) it is clear that your opinion is not his and your actions are not even in the same class. As such, perhaps there is an interesting potential here... especially in light of the post above referring to the DIR book by JJ that is supposed to come out soon. I've said all along that I don't have as much of a problem with DIR as with the methods of some of its promoters. I have said I do have some problems with DIR as it comes to CA because it is not well adapted to CA diving. I summarized both DIR web sites by GI and JJ to point this out. It's obviously true, but that does not mean that DIR does not have a lot to offer CA divers. If you want, I would be willing to do a post discussion with you about what I see as the positive points of DIR, so as to examine where I think it needs some adaptation. You, as opposed to your loud friend, do seem capable of rational thought on the matter.
I will preface this with saying that since I am actually pretty critical of DIR as it now stands because of its excessive basis in deep reck/cave with no real knowledge of CA diving, this discussion might be more practical after we see JJ's DIR rec diving book. Maybe I'll drop some notes for you to field as a foundation.
It's got to be more fun for me than trying to banter with a particular nutcase... I still have to finish writing about the Bahamas. I had fun there...
As for those living and dying, some of what you say is true and some is not... Were that life was so simple. Then perhaps DIR would have all the solutions, but it ain't and it don't.

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