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Posted by MHK on June 06, 2001 at 10:02:15:

In Reply to: I think you are missing the point posted by Wayne on June 05, 2001 at 17:35:48:


As you know I think you are one of the good guys and I appreciate your efforts but I'm not missing the point..

My *style*, such as it is, is to treat people with the same amount of coutesy and respect with which they treat me.

You've been a gentlemen all the time and even though we have some disagreements we've never been in a flame war..

It really isn't any more complicated than that. Seahunt has appointed himself net-cop and rambles on endlessly without support and as such all I've done is now draw a line in the sand and say if you want to play net cop you better have more to back up your antics than the fact that Walker can't spell or I'm rude...

I find it very ironic in his last post he accuses me of vularity wherein I VERY carefully selected the use of my words.. Specifically with respect to the *BS* term, that came directly from Chris' post. *Hell* has been used on here more times than I can imagine and in the past I have gotten private e-mails from Chris asking me to abbreviate by using sh*t, in other words the head of this list sanctioned this, but the often used tactic of Seahunt is to misdirect. He isn't knowledgable enough to stay on topic so he must misdirect the issue...

I'm staying focused on the issues which is, he indicated he'll post a *better* way to do it, all I want to know is how... If he has some information that will make diving safer and more efficient why is he keeping it a secret???? Why isn't he sharing it??? And, more importantly, why isn't he practicing it????

Wayne, you've pointed out, and I've said often, I have no delusions that not everyone will adopt a DIR philosophy ( and clearly Chris and Seahunt fall into that catagory) accordingly one must ask the question that since they are miles away from DIR and have no desire to be DIR or learn more about it, then why do they continually respond to my posts and attempt to misdirect the salient issues, if not for an alternative agenda?????

I've been clear about what I stand for, why I stand for it and I spend countless hours giving demos and diving with diver's... Chris and Seahunt appear only wanting to be obstructionists.. If they don't like the philosophy the answer is simple, state why and stop responding to my posts...

And in answer to your final question about dive reports to make the point, think about what happens when I've drafted dive reports in the past.. When I posted about the Matterhorn, Seahunt called it dangerous because it was deeper than normal, he just wants it both ways so I feel it is important to point out his hypocrcy...


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