Re: boy, are you thick-headed!!...

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Posted by MHK on June 06, 2001 at 17:47:11:

In Reply to: boy, are you thick-headed!!... posted by kelphead on June 06, 2001 at 17:23:37:

See I try to be nice and you still don't get it...

Chris may want to speak for himself and I'm sure he doesn't need you speaking on his behalf...

Chris may be diving without a bc for years but then again success is a relative word...

Ask him how many times we've had to pull the anchor, get everyone back on the baot and go pick him up because he was to far away to swim back and had no inflation source at the surface..

You may very well want to know what you are talking about 1st before you jump up and down..

I'll give Chris one thing, he does in fact dive very often, he and I have been on many, many, many trips together and what I say is from personal observation. What you say comes from your *apparent* observations...

So let me just understand your logic in your post[s], you detest it when I point out flaws, ( ie; it's a detstful act) but then you get on here an do the same thing...

What does that say about you????


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