boy, are you thick-headed!!...

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Posted by kelphead on June 06, 2001 at 17:23:37:

In Reply to: Short response attached posted by MHK on June 06, 2001 at 17:08:24:

i continue to use the english language and you
continue to amaze me re:how poor your understanding
of that language is.

re:chris, the reason YOU 1st attacked him is
b/c he uses a back-pack style b.c.--that's all,
nothing more and nothing less--and you
publicly ridiculed him for it. i don't know
how it is to dive a back-pack, and now that
i'm in my backplate rig, i can't foresee
myself ever wanting to try a back-pack style
b.c. but chris has been successfully diving in
his back pack for years, apparently, and you publicly
ridiculed him for it.

is it any wonder that he has learned to
detest your attitude and behavior towards
him...?'s a no-brainer, mhk, (except
to you, evidently).

so, it's not about arguing for arguing sake;
it's about pointing out your own flaws--just
as you seem to like pointing out flaws of
others. you are a bully whether you realize
it or not, and for more than a year now, many
of us have been trying to get it through your
thick skull that bullying people around does
not work. please, give it up and move on.

if you don't like that, then don't read my posts--take
your own advice, for goodness sakes!

"...if any of you were actually
advancing something as opposed to being annoying obstructionist without any core beliefs..."

1st of all, where does it say that i have to
advance anything? all i want to do is enjoy the damn
sport, not right a thesis on it. whatever i AM advancing,
it's right here in the lab where it matters more
to me, not w/my hobby.

2nd of all, if i'm annoying you, then that's your
problem, not mine.

3rd of all, my core beliefs include proper social
interaction and tolerance for others, as well
as thinking for myself and deciding what to use
and what not to use (whether it's diving or
otherwise). perhaps your core beliefs are just
a tad bit different than mine.

so, when are you going to stop reading my posts?


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