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Posted by MHK on June 06, 2001 at 17:08:24:

In Reply to: i thought i was in your so-called "killfile"... posted by kelphead on June 06, 2001 at 16:54:42:


Let me pose this question to you in a way perhaps you can see the other side of the coin...

Let's assume this list was about mountain climbing and some of the regular posters where guys that routinely scaled Mt. Everest, and let's further assume that you were one of those people that routinely did the ascent..

Now let's assume I just did my first mountain climb ever and I could barely hike up a extremely small mountain...

If we were sharing discussion points I wouldn't fathom considering challenging you on such extremely ancillliary issues such as you do..

My analogy in the above post respecting drysuits was merely to point out that on the one hand you consistently challenge us publicly about other annoying issues but when it comes to the subject matter of the forum that we are on, you are still learning the basics..

That isn't a flame inasmuch as it is simply putting into perspective why I have lost patience responding to you...

In my view you, Seahunt and Chris ( each for different reasons) have lost all objectivity and crticize for the sake of agrument.. It's fair to say that I have a strongly held DIR belief, I make no bones about it, but atleast I'm advancing something ( in my view it safer and more efficient, but I respect other's don't agree) whereas you three simply are anti- something.. I don't think either of you three have anything that you believe in or can help save a life or improve diving safety, I think you three simply want to argue for the sake of being anti-MHK or anti-DIR..

I would respect the three of you more ( or agrue with you less) if any of you were actually advancing something as opposed to being annoying obstructionist without any core beliefs...


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