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Posted by MHK on June 07, 2001 at 14:47:35:

In Reply to: mhk, you very well KNOW!! what my email addy is... posted by kelphead on June 07, 2001 at 14:05:53:

I would normally not post private e-mails that are sent to me but in light of your attack you have left me no choice..

Here is the complete e-mail Shereen sent to me and all I simply did was hit reply with my answer..

I am not computer savy enough to invent e-mail addresses nor am I capable of using computer lingo that speaks to undeliverability..

Shereen, once again, you made an attack that has nothing to do with diving...

Please feel free to click the e-mail address attached to her e-mail and you'll see I didn't invent ANYTHING...

----- Original Message -----
From: "shereen"
Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2001 5:39 PM

> i know i'm taking a risk w/this, but here goes:
> re:the ankle wt issue, i was not talking rubbish. i had a phone
> conversation w/a dive store owner shortly thereafter our little on board
> encounter (suffice it to say, it's someone you know) and what really
> surprised me was when he told me--in an unsolicited manner, mind you--why
> he thought that you had "scapegoated" me in that particular thread.
> you even REMEMBER said thread?!...)
> i was shocked that this store owner would actually confide in me that he
> believed he knew why you had scapegoated me re:the ankle wt issue.
> further in the conversation, this same exact store owner went so far as to
> corroborate my own personal observation when he shared w/me his own
> observations that he had to equip some of his female students in his class
> w/ankle wts.
> in other words, he confirmed my point of view that it's not about keeping
> air out of the legs of a drysuit, which is the exclusive fxn of the
> 'gators' (and that's actually a moot point when one is in a wetsuit), but
> it is an issue of inherent buoyancy and the fxn of the ankle wts is to
> weigh down one's naturally buoyant legs/ankles.
> after talking w/this particular dive store owner, i think i can
> call YOU a 'mr. know it all'.
> ...i'm truly sorry that you and i have reached such a point. i honestly
> wanted to e-mail you in the past to see if we could reconcile (if it means
> anything!). but, honestly mike, you're a nice guy who's apparent ego
> gets in the way. you seem to be blinded by some mission and your
> intolerance is what hurts your message, as well as your constant whining
> and (falsely) playing the victim.
> i'm sorry it all turned out this way. but i do thank you, and no matter
> what, i will continue to thank you for helping me out when you
> did. why? b/c i'm just that type of person.
> take it easy, and happy & safe diving to you and yours.
> --s--

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