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Posted by kelphead on June 07, 2001 at 15:29:26:

In Reply to: BS ...... posted by MHK on June 07, 2001 at 14:47:35:

i still have not rec'd any e-mail reply from you
re:my e-mail which you have now publicly posted.

ask terry lee may what my addy is, he has it.
ask wayne, he has it (sounds like you're having trouble getting to his e-mail, too!).
ask mike.
ask seahunt.
ask eins.
ask johnb.
ask marta.
ask bob3.
ask slang.
ask aadiver.
ask chris.
ask caldiver.
(the list goes on...)

they (and many more) have my correct e-mail, and
all you have to do is click on my nickname to reach

in FACT, i must have something like 50 or so
e-mails from you from last year. you even confided
in me via e-mail something that you did not want a
local store owner to know about. shall i post
THAT e-mail publicly, just as you have done w/mine...???
you made me promise not to mention to this particular
dive store owner what you knew about a certain mfg ,
and thus far i have kept my promise.

shall i refresh your memory and post THAT particular
e-mail for the rest of cyberspace to see...?...
it seems like you enjoy posting e-mails publicly.
perhaps i should be more like you and try that
for a change, hmm?

my e-mail is not incorrect (ie, it is correct
and very functional--contrary to what you want
others to believe.) you very well know what my
e-mail is b/c you have e-mailed me sooooo many
times before (or, at the very least, it is very
very simple for you to get it).

it's extremely obvious, at least to me now, that
you are insincere in your statements. if you
honestly want to reach me via e-mail, then just do it.

btw, at least my private e-mail discussed diving,
didn't it?? another example of how you claim
something that just isn't: my e-mail was indeed
dive related (and talk about civility!!).

= ; )

mike, i tried to take this off-board as you have
kindly proven to the cyberworld, but you are the
one who wants to keep this stuff going on the net.

if you really really really want to take this
off-board (as others below have suggested), then


[[now it is 3:30pm and i still have not rec'd a
reply e-mail from you.]]

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