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Posted by MHK on July 02, 2001 at 18:26:25:

In Reply to: Re: Correction. posted by Steve on July 02, 2001 at 18:13:56:

I know alot about it, what do you what to know???

I know Kevin is a smart guy and despite some of our differences I think he is a qualified diver, but I've noticed a tendancy in your posts, particularly when Kendall quoted the Meyer and Overton rule and you indicated your belief that it was erroneous and misleading, when in point of fact it is the leading study on the subject matter.. You discounted it as *some 100 year old study*, but yet offered nothing in the way of counter information other than to quote from a class manual..

Based on the Bunsen Solubility Coefficent's Kendall was dead on right.. I have my own view on the matter which I shared and good willed people can have honest differences of opinion, but Kendall was quoting the leading authority on the subject amtter and he certainly wasn't erroneous or misleading..

You, in the instant case, thruthfully aren't qualified based on the stated expererience of your diving in the conrolled environment of an aquarium to speak about airflow issues when compared to the Empress of Ireland, cold water, strong currents and multiple gas switches..

Moreover, I noticed a very Clinton type, what's the definition of *is* when I pushed for your expeiriences... And as such I called you on it...

You basically compared apples to oranges and attempted to suggest that you are experienced enough on the subject matter..

If you treuly believed tha Kevin is a *hell of a diver* what releveance is your air flow experiences in 27' in the aquarium related to his Empress of Ireland efforts????

Please don't take this as flaming, because it isn't.. But I strongly believe that it is important when getting into these type of discussions that our backgrounds are divuldged, hence no one gets the wrong idea, which could have very easily been done in your comments...


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