If this wasn't "JStone" ....It's to whoever Eaglec25 is.

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Posted by JohnB on July 06, 2001 at 01:07:07:

In Reply to: Natural Selection as Law Enforcement. posted by JStone on July 03, 2001 at 23:56:22:

1. Learn how to spell . . . . or at least use spell check.

2. Take a class in basic logic/reasoning. Ask the instructor for a thorough explanation of argument format focusing on what is or isn't responsive to an assertion.

3. Understand that message boards like the bbs at dive.net are in outline format. A post responding to another post does not thereby respond to any other responsive post unless it's posted under another previous response. Evaluate posts with that understanding.

4. Don't attack people and expect them to be your friend . . or even civil towards you. You'll note that I didn't attack anyone. I merely suggested that if someone were to take the "let's make a law against that" approach then they should think before they speak. You publicly attacked me saying I should read before I speak . . . as if I hadn't.

You'll enhance your credibility and I'll feel much less like criticizing your errors in public. I would have sent this email to you sooner but you didn't include an email address in your posts during our interchange.

to which I respond:
are you afraid to use your email on the BBS? (I don't see Eaglec25 on there.)
ahh yes, he who NEVER typo's....
Check ALL of my posts and see that I am far above average in spelling "prowess". (all done withOUT spellcheck.)
My email addy is on most of those posts, proof again of you inability to LOOK for the real info or a possible lack of reading skills.
My logic is above reproach, period.
I post the same as everyone else does there, "Mr.Rogers".
I have to assume that this is you because you've used a similar line in your pitiful Email ( I'll bet you were just shaking in anger as you typed it out so very carefully then had to use spellcheck because you are unable to do it yourself).

" P.S. If you want to forbid poor diving practices then please criminalize anything other than carved turns on the ski hill as well. Perhaps we can come up with an all encompassing body of sports law that proscribes poor skill, lack of training, inadequate nutrition . . . . ?????? PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK! (Hint: Fundamentals of American Jurisprudence)"
By your measure, you publicly "attacked" ME first now didn't you. Are you so sheltered that you consider that an attack?
You did NOT read before you spoke because your response was that of opposing the SAME view or you posted in absence of factual knowledge. The thread was Scuba Police will NOT happen but we did wish (not forbid as you try to sensationalize) to have divers be more qualified to go places so they don't get hurt and screw it up for everyone.
Criticise anything you like, as I will, Junior! The second you become MY guardian I will kill you to relieve myself of the burden.
I could Not care less about being YOUR buddy.
Oh yes... who the F*CK are you? (Don't answer that, I don't really care.)

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