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Posted by JRM on July 06, 2001 at 18:34:19:

In Reply to: dividing the state posted by CalAbDiver on July 06, 2001 at 16:17:19:

Actually, the CENCAL Council of Freedivers would argue that point very much. In fact, they pretty much encompass the majority of what you are calling northern California. In fact, I'm surprised that you aren't a member, with a psuedonym like "CalAbDiver". In fact, CENCAL is hosting the 2002 Spearfishing Nationals in Carmel. CENCAL is going to be hosting a "new member orientation" freediving clinic in September, if you're interested.

In addition to spearfishing, our members are active in the preservation process for our local waters (many of you folks who lump spearfishers in with fishmongers may be pleasantly surprised). Several months ago we began a lobby for a ban of the nearshore live commercial fishery. I've pretty much stopped taking groundfish, myself. While I won't rule out an occasional stick, I haven't brought one in this year. I'm also probably going to forgoe any Abalone this season.

Also, since we're on the subject of CenCal, there's a new CenCal chapter of UASC, so I guess some folks down there must have an inkling that we're here. The "nearshore" chapter was founded to allow us access to the resources of UASC, and to be more inclusive.

Oh yeah, and since a CENCAL team happens to be the reigning US National Spearfishing Champions, I'll wager there's a bunch of folks down there who know we're up here.

Both Kevin and MHK know I'm up here, so they've both heard of CenCal. And if they don't know it, it isn't worth knowing ;-) (I'm going to be drawn and quartered for putting them both in the same sentence, but hey, only the good die young, right?).

Personally, I'd draw the line just below Ventura, and diagonally between Bakersfield and Fresno (if I had to give up CenCal). You know Fresno has to be bad when the only people we can make fun of are those stuck in Bakersfield (If I had a nickel for every time I've heard, "at least it isn't Bakersfield" I could retire, or at least afford that HID light).

Viva CenCal!!!


-- just the facts, ma'm.

-- I spoke to my therapist, and he says that I can start going out in public again soon. Just a few more sessions at this higher voltage!

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