BUT in fact that is NOT the case..

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Posted by JohnB on July 09, 2001 at 09:59:19:

In Reply to: Re: Kelphead, how extensively have you travelled the planet? posted by kelphead on July 08, 2001 at 00:57:21:

POPULATION, sheer numbers IS the one and ONLY problem PERIOD. With a smaller population there is less pollution of EVERY KIND, PERIOD!
When you do get around to visiting places where human waste is not magically carried off to some distant disposal site for you, it will become quite evident that there are too many people! It is nice to live in a movie world where no one actually discharges fecal matter and urine (ever notice there are NO restrooms on Starships?) but it is also VERY far from reality. The U.S. with 10% of poulation has 96% of all sewer systems in the world further insulating the residents from the overpopulation reality.
As I stated before, most of science agrees (BTW getting them to agree on something takes very strong evidence!) that near 2 billion humans is the planets survival breaking point at 1990s "lifestyles" and pollution rates.

You say: "we need to stop ignoring the needs
of other people and find solutions that will
help them help themselves while at the same
time continuing the education campaigns,"

"the needs" is so vague that I am ready to "vote" for you. "help them" and "education programs" are equally nonspecific and do reek of echoed political rhetoric which is how the planet got like this! There is one simple fact, very specific fact:
There ARE too many HUMANS on THIS planet. The amount of individuals whether living in caves or on Air Force One is just too much for this ecosystem to deal with on the whole. Education, needs, help and all. You must be able to see that if there is already a lot of pollution, "helping" everyone have a better lifestyle with three SUV's, two big houses, DSL and five TV's will NOT decrease the polluting rate now will it? And if that is Not what you meant then what? Would you have them all be Harvard educated yet still live in huts in the desert? Are they to be helped but not enough to take over your life? Might not the "better" lifestyle be climbing up a palm tree in loincloth for your daily Coconut and lazing on a Tropical shore occaisionally freediving for a meal?
With fewer people it would be much easier to share the bounty of this once beautiful paradise.
None of this is OPINION, it is all indisputable fact.
And it has quite an effect on the SCUBA DIVING we do!! Therefore quite relevant in this BBS!

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