ok, lets see how many know how to read a map here.

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Posted by mike on July 11, 2001 at 00:30:03:

In Reply to: double checking the map posted by mike on July 10, 2001 at 23:55:57:

it's really not hard at all. even those who advocate deep air and check for gas leaks using a match can do it ;-)

a lovely little pink, blue and pastel green map is located here:


When one looks at all the maps, from Wilson rock to the Mexican border, the areas that are totally off limits seem rather paltry, and insignificant to spearos, scallop pillagers and bug hunters. I am a little uncomfortable about the area on the backside of Santa Cruz, towards the west end...that looks suspiciously like Gull Isle to me.

One can delve into the text and figure out which colors correspond to which areas SMR-state marine reserve--no touchy, no fishy no steal anything of value from the ocean floor (except brass and lingcod <:-)

SMP - state marine park: only big, bad commercial fishermen, capitaleest peegs they be, are prohibited from taking things. Us earth-friendly bug-hunters and spearos can snatch a few bugs and stick calicos, WSB and whatever else is good eatin and legal.

Marine Conservation Area: limited commercial fishing and limited recreational fishing. Well, as my uncle Willy (the slick one that does it /w/ interns and cigars) told me, "define limited".

Again, the closure of Rat Beach to Lunada Bay and gulp, sniffle, Gull Isle will be a tough pill to swallow, but i'm willing to do it. Science is this wonderful thing, so much more effective than religon and ideology when it comes to figuring out things like marine biology, sustainable yield, growth rates, patterns of migration, habitat preferences, larval dispersion annual recruitment of young fish etc etc, so in the hopes that science prevails over a bunch of shrieking, shouting anglers and charter boat operators (yah right, and i'm the Easter Bunny) that one can only hope that this will enhance the fishing along the rest of the peninsula. The nearshore current should certainly disperse a lot of things to the south and east at any rate. Aww s**t i'm gonna miss Gull Isle. Oh well, i'll get out my other weapons of hunting, which are housed Nikon F3s with a 55mm macro lens, 24 mm wide angle lens etc......and follow your lead, Brad!

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