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Posted by MHK on July 18, 2001 at 13:23:25:

In Reply to: Typical posted by seahunt on July 18, 2001 at 12:59:39:


George has 100's of dives out here.. Hundreds... In his younger days he was a big time surfer and spent a great deal of time out here diving and surfing, but one of the things you steadfastly refuse to understand is that you don't need to be from Calif. to appreciate and understand the benefits of DIR.. I'm from New York does that preclude me???

We tried and tried to explain our *deco on the fly* tricks but you lack the fundamental understanding to get it.. JJ, by all accounts, is one of the nicest and most patient guys in the business and his knowledge is self-evident to anyone who meets the man.. Even he couldn't get you to stop focusing on a particular dive site.. Deco theory is the same whether you are in Catalina, Florida, New York or Cayman.. It does NOT matter, but you rejected his advice because *he isn't from Calif*, and you dismiss George because you think he doesn't dive out here.. These two guys hold the world record, as in no one else anywhere in the world, have done what they did but you think their advise is inapplicable because it happened 3000 miles away.. It's a shame you are that short-sighted because these guys are giving away their knowledge, experience and methods..

Someone off line sent me an e-mail about you and it went on to suggest that some people have 30 years experience, while others have 1 year of experience 30 times.. Guess which one they apply to you???

If you have seriously been diving for 30 years, why are you so challenged with basic and fundamental issues????

Computing deco on the fly is simple, it takes about 5 minutes to understand and I offered to dive with you and prove it, but instead you resort to cyber debate and hypothetical retorts..

Listen carefully, we do it EVERY weekend, thus it applies...

What do MHK, John Walker, Terry May, Kendall Raine, Pat Farine, Jeff Highley, Fred Colburn et. al. all have in common????????

We ALL dive CALIFORNIA EVERY weekend and we do so DIR... You have failed in any meaningful way to present a remotely cogent argument that states otherwise.. Your empty promises of theory and alternative systems leave you with absolutely no credibility in this regard... Your absecense from charter boats precludes you from speaking intelligently about the current dive market so I'm at a loss to understand exactly what you have to offer...

We put these demo's on week in and week out.. We put our theories before the public, we invite them to join us and we actually get out from behind the keyboard and dive it...

All you serve up is empty promises, angry insults and obstructionist and outdated views...

Lee Ioacocca said * Lead, follow or get out of the way*...

If you have a safer and more efficent way, let's hear.. If not, it's time for you to shut the hell up....


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