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Posted by tleemay on July 19, 2001 at 13:01:14:

In Reply to: Hypocricy and lies posted by Chris on July 19, 2001 at 12:02:36:

"MHK as usual is distorting the facts.
This and outright lies are part of his is his
standard technique to attack anyone who
disagrees with him. It is the same method used
by religious zealots."

"What I dislike about DIR is not the method, but
the holier than though attitude you and the other
DIR zealots express."

You are publicaly labeling people and
organizations you feel not to associate with nor
understand. Chris, you are approaching a line that you and a
common friend of ours will most asuradly wish you
had not crossed, are you sure you want to continue?

Am I considered by you be one of the zealots you
reference? No Clinton-esque answer - yes or no.

Please list the MHK lies you reference.

Please show this puiblic BBS where MHK, or myself
for that matter, attack anyone who disagrees with
what we promote simply because it's difference of
opinion and NOT a counter retort to a slanderous
and and potential libel statement aimed towards
us personally. I've been there in lawyer's offices
before calling 'anonymous' posters on their
written word because what they said could have
potentially hindered by income from the SCUBA
business. They key, DIR promotion is not a
business for me, but DM'ing is.

I have never attacked anyone for not diving DIR. I
have had passionate discussions about the subject
with many, including you, but I do not believe you
or anyone else has felt "attacked" after the

I demand you to ask anyone who is on the deck
with me if I have ever said any disbarraging words
while you are in the water or on the deck about
you because you do not dive DIR.

"It's for new and old divers to ask questions and
not be afraid about asking them"... do you remember
who said this and what they were referring to? It was
you Chris. People ask on the BBS for the DIR info,
we pass it along and offer a way for them to try it
out. Are you going to start labeling those who ask
about DIR as potential "zealots"?

You admit you dive in a dangerous way.
You admit you dive deep on air.
You admit you dive without wings at times.
You admit you dive solo for the most part.

Your stipulation you have never done it all at
the same time is irrevelent to the point.
Someone can drive drunk one day, driving high
on coke the next weekend, and speeding clean to
120 mph on the 405 the next. Just because they
didn't do all in the same day doesn't negate
their are a hazzard the other times... and to
other around them.

Since it's now common knowlege, is it not true
you caused people on a trip such grief that many
were afraid you were lost forever? You may not
have felt your life was in danger, but it did at
the very least, cause a tremendious amount of
anxiety - a level that is apparently still
heightened to this day.

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