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Posted by MHK on July 20, 2001 at 09:18:54:

In Reply to: I gotta go with Seahunt here posted by Wayne on July 19, 2001 at 20:14:49:


You are, of course, free to have your own view and I'll respect your point of view. Although I disagree with it..

Seahunt continues to suggest that I chase people off the board that dares to disagree with me.. Terry and I have both asked, who and when???

Generally, as with you and I, we can have opposing points of view and work through the issue and be civil..

Seahunt, on the other hand, self-appointed himself net cop and took shot after shot after shot.. Did I give it back??? Sure.. But I'm sick and tired of him trying to play victim..

I don't have time to go back and search his ENDLESS posts about why DIR doesn't apply out here.. Just suffering through the Cosmology series was too time consuming..

Lately, it appears that he has changed his message.. It now appears that his position is that DIR is applicable, and I'm just mean.. Well if that's the case, that's fine by me because since he know agrees with me there should be no reason to fight...

Wayne, I've said often that you are a good guy, but my feeling is that you are too willing to criticize the DIR camp and are never willing to place blame elsewhere, atleast in levels proportionate with the facts..

Seahunt gave as well as he took and I've rarely, if ever, seen you have problems with him and I've certainly not seen you title posts about his actions..

He's a big boy and has stated cleary that he thinks he is defending everyone, when the reality is that he and Chris are the only two I really think just argue for the sake of arguing..

I'd love to stay on the facts, but it does take both sides to argue factually...

I put out more diving facts than anyone on this list, but then I hear that we're evasive, dishonest etc. etc..

Why do we put on all these demos if we want to hide what we do??? Why do we constantly invite our chief critics to dive with us, if we want to hide information???

It's a two way street Wayne, and although you seem to be a level headed guy, I strongly disagree with you in this regard..

Just my 2 cents..


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