Re: 50 lb. Bag of Lobsters and other tall tales

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Posted by seldom seen slim on July 24, 2001 at 23:54:44:

In Reply to: 50 lb. Bag of Lobsters posted by Jim Hoffmann on July 24, 2001 at 10:40:30:

You do not have to call me slim, just call me seldom.

Weight is not as it seems underwater. 50 pounds of lead is heavier than 50 pounds of cotton, underwater. The same is true with scallops and lobsters, underwater.

If I was so lucky to haul up 50 pounds of lobsters, that would be a bonanza, but I could do it and so could you with a backpack and fins on your feet. Lobsters are not heavy because of the water they displace. However, if I were to haul 50 pounds of scallops - well that would be a chore. A simple trick is to take just the buttons, leave the shells, or simply said, the weight behind. You do not need 50 pounds of scallops. But if you want lots of shells then take a lift bag.

My buddy Lightfoot Louie used to say, "Safety is third - but always plan ahead". This implies, if you plan to lift something heavy, take a lift bag. Remember, you are not the lift bag, beyond a reasonable limit. If you think you are a lift bag then safety has fallen from third to last. This is because it is a lot easier to operate a lift bag if you want to hold on to it to the safety stop, and later to the surface. That is if you do not have to contend with dumping air from a BC or Wings at the same time. If you have a problem let go of the bag. If you are the lift bag, that is using your BC for lift, and you have to ditch your 50 pounds of scallop shells, then you have an immediate ascent issue to deal with. Don't be a lift bag.

With just a backpack you can raise over weighted divers, anchors with chain and rode, and retrieved lost weight belts from depths of 90' feet and up. It really is not as difficult as is seems from an armchair until you try it. It is more difficult the deeper you go and the heavier the object underwater. Know your limitations.

For example:

Lobsters - no BC or lift bag required
Torpedo launchers - take some lift bags.

For the curious Louie's first and second rules were "Get the job done" and "Do not complain". These were sometimes replaced with "Shut up" and "Dig".

I will leave you with this: "Do not throw caution to the wind and do not complicate the simple stuff."

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