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Posted by JRM on July 25, 2001 at 18:29:12:

In Reply to: fine with me posted by CalAbDiver on July 25, 2001 at 16:16:19:

"Forget what you know, or think you know..."

Karl, if you honestly still believe that I made all those posts with all those different monikers there isn't anything anyone can do to help you.

But let's clear some things up....


These posts aren't the work of some random kid. I know of at least three people who've discussed making them (none of which is me).

This is the only diving website I participate on. So even if I did want to harass someone on diving sites, this would be the limit.

I'm sure Chuck does just fine. And if Phil wants to throw someone off his boat for no good reason, more power to him. But I doubt that very much. Chuck dives almost exclusively off his own whaler. Whatever.

I've never said I was trying to be funny to you. I have stated that I use the BBS for entertainment. But there's nothing funny about your making terrorist threats. Do I think most of the stuff posted was funny: Heck yes!!!. But I can't really take the credit.

The only monster I've created lately is my co-worker the sushi hound. I finally got him to try it, and now he goes at least twice a week. Wish I had that kind of cash. YOU and YOU ALONE have created your so called monsters. Don't try and pawn that off on me too. Those folks responded to your posts, not mine.

I'm dangerous to no-one. While I was a member of a "health club" that measured progress with colored belts, I don't proclaim proficiency.

If you've really said nothing wrong, why worry about what some instructor thinks. Last time I checked, there was an adaquate review process (even by PADI), and it's "innocent until PROVEN guilty." If you really haven't said anything foolish or dangerous, why worry? You generally appear to two the PADI line in most of your posts. No Karl, I think there's something else behind your hiding. And on that note, if more than one instructor has complained, maybe you should engage in a bit of reflection and self-examination. While difficult on the ego, it does wonders for the soul.

Sorry to burst your bubble Karl, but your anonymity is only intact because I respect your fear. You seem to think I have amazing Internet skills to anonymously post all this crap, but then you think I'm not even smart enough to do a full run-down on you? Which is it Karl, am I the cunning hacker, sitting in the dark eating take out chinese food, or the bumbling Internet moron who can't use a search engine? As Darth Vader would say, "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

[I deleted my comments for the friends part, because they were a bit too harsh.]


Since this is going to be my last reply, I'll allow you the final word. But here's mine, and a warning in advance, it may get a bit ugly...

Karl, I, and everyone else on this board, refuse to take you seriously because you refuse to come forward with who you really are. You've threatened me physically, and said some very disturbing things about me personally. Your veiled threats are laughable, especially since they come from someone who isn't even brave enough to take a stand. So come on Karl, if you really believe what you say, then take a stand. Stop hiding. If you haven't said anything that would "get you in trouble" with the PADI mothership (thanks Mike), then own up to them. Be a man.

And since you're obviously implying that since Phil is your friend I won't ever get on his boat, so what??? It's a tech diving boat, and I AM NOT A TECH DIVER. I would like to do more aggressive diving, yes. But it takes years to get there, no matter what TDI has promised you. Besides, if after talking to me for 15 minutes he honestly believes what I'm sure you've told him, I don't want anything to do with it anyway. Hmm, "he is no fool who gives up what he cannot have..." You would like to be a tech diver, so do I. You chose TDI, I chose GUE. Guess what, according to GUE I'm not ready. I respect that, and I'll try my hardest to practice, learn, prepare, and get ready. I want to learn, not just buy a TDI card that says I can get a mix fill. It's about the road, not the destination.

I don't define my self worth by diving. I don't define it by any single thing. I am a person who dives. I do lots of other things. Diving is *recreation* for me. This BBS is *recreation* for me. I left for a while because I felt that *YOUR* reaction to my very presence was seriously degrading other's experiences here. I like what used to be the community feeling here, before things started getting ugly and personal (you lead that charge, btw). You cry about people posting anonymously, and yet you yourself are not only afraid to reveal your true identity. Until you stand up, grow up, and step up by using your real name, every complaint you make about anonymous sock puppets crashes the gong of irony.

I like math. I've read a lot of math, and done a lot of math, on the things you've said. Guess what? THEY JUST DON'T ADD UP. You've never dove in a drysuit, yet you offer an opinion on squeeze. You've offered opinions on why 80% O2 is better than 100% (and pretty much got away with it), but how many dives have you done that have used 100% O2? I'll tell you how many I have: 0. I'm going to hazard a guess that number is accurate for you also. And what the heck is O2 allergy? You claim to be this great ab diver, yet you use a book to find ab spots. A hint, the really good spots aren't in the book! And those are just the ones I can think of now without any effort. I have two theories on why you don't use your real name: 1. You don't really believe any of the cr*p you sling, and are just a really bored troll; 2. You do believe this stuff, but you're afraid someone might find out you aren't what you claim to be.

You just spent $2000 on a drysuit, having never dove one. Why? How did you choose one? What criteria did you use? The only reasoning I remember is that you said it looked good. That speaks volumes. I really hope you do have a better rationale, and just didn't mention it. I think you want to be seen as a great diving authority. Well, until you actually step forward, we don't see YOU as anything. In fact, what if YOU are a sock puppet? Prove you're not.

You seem to think you're holding aces. I'm not sure why. Actually, I'm not sure of anything, except that up until this point some coward has been harassing, insulting, and threatening me. Like I said, I used to be a soccer official, and I've done lot's of phone technical support. I've heard it all before. I thought if I was a man, you might step up and be one too. But alas, you'd rather hide and cling to your delusions that I'm out to get you. Hard facts have just bounced right off you. The truth is Karl, YOU NEED ME. You need me to be your whipping boy. You need me to deflect attention away from yourself. You're afraid that if anyone actually pays attention to what you post, they'll see right through the smoke and mirrors. You need me, so you can live in the land of denial, with your ego intact, that "it's just some whacko kid, and not a bunch of real divers, that think I'm full of it." And now that it's become apparent to even you that this community will no longer tolerate your deluded, excessive, repulsive attacks on me, you make up another me. A "monster" that is out to get you. Face the truth Karl. Save the "he-man great diver" stuff for the OW students that don't know any better. Experienced divers see right through it. And while I am not one, I do have just enough experience to differentiate (sometimes).

I've tried being gracious. I've tried being humble. I've tried laughing you off. I've tried ignoring you. I've tried leaving you, hoping that light bulb might suddenly shine. I've presented you with facts. Others have presented you with facts. But facts aren't what you want, attention is. Well you've got your five minutes of fame from me in this post. Revel in it. Glory in it. I imagine you'll be reading this over, over, and over again, basking in it. I wouldn't be surprised if you print it out and carry it around in your pocket, so you can pull it out and cry "Poor me, poor me, look what this psycho says about me! I am the victim. I am the better. I am the victor." Enjoy it. But you better get it laminated, it'll last longer that way!

I will say one thing about you Karl. You have brought mirth to many a person. You're a joke. A source of entertainment. Kind of like the little kid in school that slaps himself to get attention. That wants so bad to be like the in crowd. You're like the smarmy little boy, who picks on who he thinks is the one person weaker than he, so that he can prove to the big boys that he's a big boy too. "You have chosen poorly." A joke, a jester, a buzzing gnat, and the running joke in several circles (but don't get too happy, you share this honor a distant second).

I don't begrudge you Karl. I don't bear you ill will, and I don't dislike you (As far as you would have us know, you are this "mystical energy field, that surrounds us..." So really, I'm not posting this about anyone in particular. I'm posting it about a fake online personality. The irony is so thick here. Who is calabdiver, really? And why is he so afraid for us to find out?

You don't make me mad, calabdiver. You make me sad. I pity you. I actually pity you. I picture you as a sad lonely man, lashing out at the world. Hiding alone, being alone, wanting so badly to be respected and feared. I have only one fear associated with you. I fear that I've been forever associated with your actions. That when people from this community think of me, they'll always associate me with your lunacy. No-one actually believes the venom you spew from your clandestine lair. That's not the fear. It's the fear that everywhere I go I'll have to explain the whole sad story. It's already happened twice. But, since I am the ultimate optomist, I realize that memories are short. Eventually, you'll be nothing more than a forgotten memory. Hope springs eternal.

So go ahead, answer every post I make with your favorite ad-hominem. I think I'll nominate you for "Ultimate Hypocrite." It's very fitting. You are the worst offender at everything you whine about. I know it, and so does just about everyone else here in the diver.net community. I just call a spade a spade.

Go on, attack me some more. Every post is just another nail. You accomplish the task of destroying what little credibility you have much more rapidly than I ever could. Every additional baseless accusation, personal slander, and veiled threat merely ratchets you up the "bizarr-o-meter" scale. I probably shouldn't clue you in on this, but I feel that maybe you should realize what you do to your image. What was I thinking? You want that image. You want to be the big bad boy. You want the attention. You need the attention. I truly feel for you. I'm going to go home to a home cooked meal, and my wife who is on summer break. I'm going to put the second coat of paint on the kitchen in my new-to-me house. Then tomorrow morning, my wife and I are going to get up with the sunrise, and go string fence in our pasture. We're going to be celebrating our anniversary at a B&B in Catalina this weekend; diving, hiking, and enjoying each other's company. You see calabdiver, when I get up from this keyboard, I'm going to go live a real life. I've got a great life. I thank God each day for what he's given me. That's the difference between me and a nameless "handle." So, when you're sitting alone thinking about me, realize that I don't even give you a second thought. This BBS is entertainment. I like just about everyone here, but they're not even close to my core. I've shown that I can walk away. Let's see if you can do that. Like I said, you need this."You need me on that wall..."

So, in closing: I don't think we've been properly introduced. My name is Joshua Massie. What's yours?


-- "I have become what you once feared me to be" It was long, it was stream-of-consciousness, and it was horribly off topic, probably soon to be deleted. But it's my final chapter in this saga. Hopefully it's yours.

-- You are now free to continue your barage. There's always room for more nails...

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