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Posted by CalAbDiver on July 25, 2001 at 16:16:19:

In Reply to: CCoke Alert posted by JRM on July 25, 2001 at 15:09:29:

there is another kid imitating you now. he is pretty good. i dont know who he is. he knows how to act just like you do.

whereas you were logging on with multiple callsigns [aka "handles" or sockpuppets], he now does the same thing and even more so. he is probably reading this right now and feeling flattered that he has stirred up enough poopoo to get attention just like you did.

name or not, your early pranks were quite immature. i wanted you to taste what it feels like to receive the same kind of "attention." if you have now got your belly full, then you got the message loud and clear.

i never thought of you as "a horrible, evil person out to get you" as much as someone harassing others on various diving websites. you might be dangerous to a girl or a thin woman or to yourself, buts that about as far as it would go.

chuck t. almost got suspended from a dive boat because they thought he was you, or so i am told by a captain of one of them. he and jim k. both denied being you on the interent when asked by others at a beach dive, but you had everyone fooled with your pranks. thats just for the record.

you said that you were only trying to be funny, but you were the only one laughing at your own jokes.

your apology is more than accepted. but now we have to ignor the little monster(s) that you created in your wake who also want to be funny and get attention also. good luck with that.

i dont post with my name or diving certification number or address because more than one scuba instructor has complained that my advice is too dangerous for the public to read. it has nothing to do with anything else.

my address was listed on you-know-who's web page for the dive activity that i organized and led, but that address is only partially correct, and not complete enough to where anyone could find me on that block. i had already thought of that and taken precautions.

all my friends know my name. its not my friends who i am worried about. its diving instructors who dont believe in freedom of speech on the internet that worry me.

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