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Posted by JRM on July 25, 2001 at 15:09:29:

In Reply to: brian it could be your friend from fresno or possibly another posted by CalAbDiver on July 25, 2001 at 09:29:34:

Although I don't drink soda, I'll do my duty and warn my fellow typers...


Once again I must thank you Karl for attributing the concept of the sock puppet to little old me. Even I am unaware of the amazing discoveries I am making.

Of course, the coke alert portion stems from the fact that you, who *refuse* to use your real name, whine about people pretending. I almost fell outta my chair. Chris should be as honored as I, since the entire concept of anonymous posting started right here on Makes feel warm and fuzzy inside.

So why don't you use your real name, and stop pretending. You obviously frown on pretending, so stop. Like it really matters anyway, most folks around these parts know your real name anyway. If I'm such a horrible, evil person out to get you, why have I respected your right to privacy since day 1? I even knew your name before a couple of people sent it to me. You listed yourself on the ******* dive buddy list. Piece of cake. And you even used your full name there. Then there's the cached pages (picked off google) from B** A**** S****** (again, address with full name) where you were listed as an organizer for an event. Once you've got a name, the rest is easy.

As you can see, I'm going out of my way to respect your right to pretend. You've said some really horrendous things about me, and accused me of many things I didn't do. I, even after your continued barrages, still maintain your right to privacy, your right to pretend. So, did I really kick your dog so bad that you have to constantly slander me? Chris vindicated me with the logs, yet you refuse to acknowledge hard fact (hopefully everyone got to read that post before it was deleted).

I've appologized to you for saying the things I did. But those things were said to a mysterious "calabdiver", while yours are directed at a very real person. While I think an apology appropriate, I won't ask for one. What I will ask for is that you cease the slander, and lets move back to dive related issues. I'm sure if we took a poll, the vast majority of patrons of this bbs (real and pretend), would like to see the hatchet burried.


-- Sorry to have to post this here, but I've banned all email from any of Karl's aliases except his real name to my own personal email (man, I love running my own email).

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