Re: Buoyancy control in drysuit diving

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Posted by MHK on August 01, 2001 at 12:37:30:

In Reply to: Buoyancy control in drysuit diving posted by Eins on August 01, 2001 at 11:56:32:


Perhaps you don't understand what I'm saying because it seems to me that you are overcomplicating the entire issue..

Notice that I have said that I use a 6 CuFt. bottle as my drysuit inflation source for my entire diving day, usually 3 or 4 dives, so the amount of inflation that goes into your drysuit during any particular dive is minimal, at best..

That being said, now pretend that you are doing a dive in a wetsuit and use your BC accordingly..

Most agencies and DUI recommend that you use your BC only at the surface and then use the drysuit as inflation. I think that is a dumb idea in my view and it certainly isn't safer.. How many times have we seen diver's ascending feet first??? If that happens from depth it could cause an AGE. Furthermore, by adding unnecessary amounts of inflation to your drysuit, you can easily throw off your trim, especially if you are turning around a lot and especially if you like to get inverted sometimes. Usually when bug hunting is when I find myself with my head in the reef and my feet in the air..

I simply don't see any rationale reason why by diving dry and using your bc as the primary inflation source that that constitutes task loading..

Maybe I'm missing something..


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