Re: Nitrox question - non O2 cleaned cylinders

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Posted by tleemay on August 06, 2001 at 17:08:03:

In Reply to: Re: Nitrox question - non O2 cleaned cylinders posted by AADIVER on August 06, 2001 at 16:27:40:


Ask Rod to pull his fill log book. Check the past
5 years and see how many times I have had any one
of my steel 95's or double 112 sets filled with
mixtures up to 36%. I estimate at least 15 fills
there including my doubles. Start with last
January and work backwards.

Of course WCDS could say "Terry who?" after the
last time you asked them about me, but that's why
I now seriously weigh the value of doing business
with them before dropping another couple c notes
a month with them.

Other than after they have been tumbled, my tanks
have never been O2 cleaned. There is not a NITROX
ONLY sticker on any of them. I have never had a
problem getting them filled elsewhere.

I was on a boat this past weekend asking for EAN32
in my tank - again, no stickers or O2 cleaned
and dedicated tank. The fill op did need to hone
his mixing percentages skills though, for some
reason he couldn't quite hit 32% ;-). Of course,
they were not filling partial pressure. I have
filled PP in friend's garages without any fuss,
and this is easily done as long as we do not
boost the O2.

When I have asked Rod to fill my O2 bottles, he
has obliged only after seeing the tank labled O2
AND seeing my technical NITROX card each and
every time they ask. This is what I would expect
given the volatility of O2 at a higher pressure.
For PP fills of mixtures up to 40% though, it's
not necessary.

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