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Posted by Cygal on August 07, 2001 at 14:40:12:

In Reply to: Re: Need a lawyer/questions posted by Ken Kurtis on August 07, 2001 at 12:49:54:

Though I don't feel a need to justify what is obviously a general consensus that DCS is "self-inflicted", I will respond in the hopes that someone else is helped.

1. This was supposed to be a "no decompression" dive. (it was a wall dive starting at 80') I found that out on the boat!

2. I was the only one who did tables. The crew was unable to help me, and the DM was annoyed that I insisted. No Buddy. I take it upon myself to find a buddy. No takers.

3. After my gear check, the DM placed a 3lb weight on my belt, thinking it was someone elses.

4. There were 10:1 DM, with ranging experience and comfort levels. Some with no certification!

5. Not able to control my buoyancy, I was left at 20' (alone) to work it out and catch up.

6. After finding the group, we entered a cave at 110'+. (I HAVE NO CERT OR EXPERIENCE W/ CAVES) At this point I can't control my buoyancy, hit the roof of the cave and have to be pulled down by another diver, NOT with our group - passerby.

7. I'm now bleeding from head, neck, hand cuts.

8. After finding the group AGAIN. I show the DM(the blood) who signals to me NOT to ascend and stay with the group. I realize at this point the depth gauge is broken.

9. I want to ascend at this point, I'm very close to panic, and no bouyancy control.

10. DM continues on, I signal less that 750psi, and ascend on my own trying to gauge deco stops by sight and hoping/praying.

First dive of the day. No drinking night before. Good sleep - No coffee/creamer that morning. Completed second 60' dive,(w/ different DM) no problems.

Return flight home @ cruising altitude, extreme pain upper left shoulder. Second leg of flight, numbness, hives, pain both arms.

Arrive LA, diagnosed, spent 4 excruciating days in recompression.

In hindsight, the culpability I accept is in Not standing my ground with DM that tables should be done, buddies assigned and dive planned, or dive aborted.

The wisdom I offer is Follow your instincts about people and how seriously they take diving.

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