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Posted by joe r on August 07, 2001 at 22:49:05:

In Reply to: Bent because of DM incompetence... posted by Cygal on August 07, 2001 at 15:10:19:

Though I don't feel a need to justify what is obviously a general consensus that DCS is "self-inflicted", I will respond in the hopes
that someone else is helped.

>>1. This was supposed to be a "no decompression" dive. (it was a wall dive starting at 80') I found that out on the boat!
No such thing... ALL dives are decompression dives, The only difference is if it required mandatory stops.
>>2. I was the only one who did tables. The crew was unable to help me, and the DM was annoyed that I insisted. No Buddy. I take
it upon myself to find a buddy. No takers.
If you are diving tables and don't understand them you SHOULD NOT be diving. Either learn the tables correctly, buy a computer, or better do both.
Since it sounds like your an inexperienced diver, and are just using tables which don't allow multilevel dives - is it any wonder??
>>3. After my gear check, the DM placed a 3lb weight on my belt, thinking it was someone elses.
Its YOUR gear YOU are RESPONSIBLE.. didn't you notice your weightbelt had extra weight??? You should have been able to overcome 3lbs of additional
lead unless you were very overweighted to start.
>>4. There were 10:1 DM, with ranging experience and comfort levels. Some with no certification!
In many operations DMs are guides not babysittersm You are responsible for yourself PERIOD.
>>5. Not able to control my buoyancy, I was left at 20' (alone) to work it out and catch up.
at this point you should have called the dive. no excuses
>>6. After finding the group, we entered a cave at 110'+. (I HAVE NO CERT OR EXPERIENCE W/ CAVES) At this point I can't
control my buoyancy, hit the roof of the cave and have to be pulled down by another diver, NOT with our group - passerby.
If a group of people you were with started jumping off a roof would you follow?? no training to dive in an overhead enviroment, You don't enter..
>7. I'm now bleeding from head, neck, hand cuts.
if you followed 7 or better yet 5 you wouldn't be here.
>8. After finding the group AGAIN. I show the DM(the blood) who signals to me NOT to ascend and stay with the group. I realize
at this point the depth gauge is broken.
I don't know how far you are from boat but immediately surfacing can cause more problems than they serve,
DM should have at least turned the dive at this point and headed for the boat.
>9. I want to ascend at this point, I'm very close to panic, and no bouyancy control.
sounds like you need more instruction or give up diving
>10. DM continues on, I signal less that 750psi, and ascend on my own trying to gauge deco stops by sight and hoping/praying.
Again, was he swimming towards boat (doesn't have to be a direct route) or continuing dive
You still have about 19 cu ft of air (assuming an 80 which is usually really 77cu ft), if you knew your breathing rate and approximate
depth you can figure out approx supply time.

You didn't say how long you waited to fly but judging how poorly you said you buoyancy control
was you should have waited at least 24 hrs probably more.
You should not have done the second dive.
Many operations that lead guided tours follow computers, get used to it,
get a computer, get more training.. you need it.

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