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Posted by Jim Hoffmann on August 08, 2001 at 08:27:16:

I was reading Cygal’s post with interest, she sounds like alott, of resort divers (warmwater divers). The problem that Cygal and many other warm water divers get themselves
into is that they do Trust Me Dives. They depend on the DM or Instructor on site to guide
them and help them though the dives (this makes since, the guides knows the area) but,
the diver has to take responsibility for themselves.
The lesson that Cygal learned was a good one, but she learned it the hard way (you never
do Trust Me Dives, you check-out your own equipment, you bring your own gear, you
bring your own tables or computer (you know how it works), you watch your own air,
you watch your own depth, you stay in your own limitations, you call the dive if you
don’t feel comfortable with what’s go on).
I learned this lesson the hard way to (in 1972) I did a Trust Me Dive in Hawaii, my
buddy and I were on the second dive of the day when we saw the DM go to the surface
(the first dive was 130 ft. for 20min. 5 min. deco, the second dive was 60 for 30min. 1:10
sit) we had lots of air so why go up, the DM was doing our table for us, he would come
an tell us if there was something wrong ( he had one of those fancy new SOS dive meters,
we didn’t even have a depth gauge)we surfaced in 20 min. and ask why he went up, he
said “that his meter went into the red so he went up”. We all thought that we had Bends
symptoms the rest of the day and I never did another Trust Me Dive again.

Jim Hoffmann
Scuba Toys

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