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Posted by seahunt on August 13, 2001 at 14:50:34:

In Reply to: Picking and choosing which *rules* apply posted by MHK on August 13, 2001 at 11:09:34:

Hmmmm. Haven't we been here before? Still, you state your question
reasonably enough, that I can't resist seeing what kind of answer I
Of your rules, the only one I find innappropriate for my diving is the
no solo one. As I've stated before, solo seems desirable for hunting,
photography, diving when an appropriate buddy is not available and
exploring when the diver desires to be solo.
1)I think the reason for solo diving when hunting is obvious. Hunting
takes all of a divers attention and one of the best methods for hunting
includes swimming fast. Both of which are diminished by a buddy.
2)Who wants to wait on a photographer and what photographer wants to
waste attention on a buddy?
3)Many times while diving, I just have not had a buddy available. This
is especially true for shore dives where I just drove somewhere and went.
Also I have often hitched a ride out on a boat and I dive solo or not at
After a long time of diving, I have tended to go to places where I'm not
comfortable taking most divers. I feel uncomfortable taking almost any
diver to a place that is highly advanced. Inviting them along presents
me with some kind or another of responsibility for them. Something I
don't want at the places I like to visit. Heck, some buddies I have had
were distinctly dangerous, something that you have mentioned
4)I enjoy the solo experience.
Now, lets see. I think we have been here before.
We said that the solo diver should have gear they can rely on as well as
health and skill that is reliable too. Probably the area should be known
as well, though I don't follow that rule, cuz I have made it the most
remote places when alone. It's a challenge to jump in a place you've
never been.
Lets see. What's your standard reply to this? Oh yah, solo divers die!!!
Well, whatever. We're back where we started, aren't we. A difference of
opinion and priority. So now what?
How about I just quote from Cap'n Tim?
Posted by Captain Tim on February 06, 2001 at 00:23:48:
I have been reading all of the post's on this page. I am really concerned as to why certain people
are apparently trying to blame others, for divers dieing. Ladies and Gentlemen Shit happens.
Some things cannot and will not ever be explained. Many, many, many divers have dove alone
for years and nothing has ever happened to them. Many, many, many divers have dove with a
partner, and nothing has happened.
Some divers have died.
To try and blame others is ludicrous. As I said I read all of the post's on this page, some with
interest, some with disgust. I have some statistics for all though…….
The Great Escape has been honored to have in the last 4 years about 15,000 divers onboard. Of
this we have had 4 accidents, and 1 death(accidents meaning the diver going to the chamber).
Here is the breakdown of those events.
1. Husband and wife team diving at SBI, she was on 5 different drugs for various reasons. Her
dive profile was very good. She was air lifted off the boat. She was taking different legal drugs
for her problems. But not to go with diving.
2. A good buddy team. One of the them blacked out at about 100'. Went quite deep, then came
up. Asked several people if they were "GOD". He thought he was dead. Air lift off the boat. He
is ok, but has not been back.
3. Group of 3 off of Long Point. She went in with her friends. They had problems, and one of her
buddies, inflated her BC, and the other dropped her weight belt. Well, what do you think? She
did not have a chance, she went to the chamber. She is OK.
4. Farnsworth Banks. (A great place to dive, with a very bad rep. Many divers have died here. I
personally still don't know why) 2 Divers went in, only one came out alive. To this day, there has
been no reason for this death. Nothing went wrong, but something did.
5. Olympic Wreck. One of my personal favorite dives. A class went in, the class was told to
meet back at X spot at 1500psi. The diver did not find his class and panicked. He bolted to the
surface with 1500psi in his tank. Bay Watch took him off the boat, and to the chamber.

Case in point……..
Not one accident for the "Solo Diver".
3 for "Buddy's"
2 for groups of 3 or more.

Please, please, please, do not use your own way to dive, by using deaths to prove your point.
There are many, many ways to dive.

Do the math; the "Great Escape" has been blessed by having very few accidents. Something that
is the same for all dive boats in California.
Captain Tim
No, that's not definitive, but I liked the post and it sorta goes with
what I believe. Some divers die. Some are solo and some are not, but one
thing I am sure of. If diving, especially solo diving, was as deadly as
you seem to like to claim, what Cap'n Tim wrote would be different. If
solo was as deadly as you claim, it would not be as widely accepted on
the boats in CA that are taking thousands of divers out on very challenging
dives. It would not be widely accepted by the magazines that promote diving.
Remember, they have no monetary interest in promoting solo diving, something
you give as the reason for dumbed down certification classes. It's just that
a lot of people like solo diving and it doesn't seem particularly dangerous
to the divers or the industry.
So why shouldn't I solo dive? I hope I EXPLAINED my REASONS for it clearly.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt

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